Same Old Floaters — Circling The Drain And Stinking Up The Joint


(Don’t know — I’m guessing it’s all those really catchy soundbites, slogans and bumper stickers…) “Today’s GOP — We may $uck but at least were not the guy we get paid to lie about.”

(Hey, now! That’s a whole lot like what I was gonna say…) “Yes, apparently the Gingrich campaign is like a log flume at Six Flags, and once you’ve joined him, dripping with moisture, at the bottom of the ride, you can buy a picture of yourself experiencing the magic.” (Actually, Newt reminds me of a different kinda floater — circling the drain and stinking up the joint …)

“Darrell Issa needs to stick to something he’s good at — pre-recording proximity alarm warnings — putting a face on The Viper was a ‘creative’ way of putting the rest of the sociopathic demographic on notice…”

(Bangs Infomercial: Bangs Will Make You Exactly Like Zooey Deschanel) “I feel sad for those who feel the need to dismiss this hairstyle as little more than evidence of massive regret — by someone who got drunk and made the unfortunate choice of the Harry Potter lightning bolt scar tattoo…”

(OMG! One word in front of the wrong crowd and Santorum just lost Utah — again!)

(Nobody will ever ask me to explain THIS one … ) “Mods! This is the best excuse yet to deploy your new Project/Deflect badge — don’t forget to add a few extra ‘refuses to read/did not understand’ clusters…”

“Not quite sure what’s going on here — but I AM pretty sure Newt needs to supply his own personal interpretation of the meaning of ‘integrity’– plus it looks like Romney wins Puerto Rico with his foot jammed tight in his own mouth…
======================================== “In the Tampa debate, neither Mitt Romney nor Newt Gingrich backed down from their tough stands about the English language and immigration – even when confronted with what seems to many to be a little hypocrisy in their campaigns. Beth Reinhard of the National Journal noted that both candidates want to make English the official language and outlaw ballots being printed in Spanish.”

“Climate deniers rely on bad science and funding from those most practiced in the art of deception. Apparently none of them work for free, so Rick Santorum is still looking for volunteers who can make his lame positions seem reasonable…
Exxon Mobil’s tobacco-li­­ke disinforma­­tion campaign on global warming

Climate Cover-Up. The Crusade to Deny Global Warming

Royal Society tells Exxon: stop funding climate change denial

Ex-Bush Aide Who Edited Climate Reports to Join Exxon Mobil

The denial industry”

“As HuffPost poster ‘Gomez Addams’ said recently — remove the vowels from this party hack’s name, he becomes a member of ‘The Proper Job Club.’ “RNC-PR-BS.’”


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