Maybe Rush Can Shave His Head And Promote The Grecian Austerity-Formula Look


“He hasn’t yet deployed his two-pronged, fifty-state plan complimenting trees prior to turning them into pink slips…”

(Will you do yourself a favor and seek out anyone offering help reading THIS article? Just let me know what I can do to help provide relief from this potentially debilitating mendaciousness…) “National Review, a conservative magazine, posted an editorial online Wednesday bemoaning the Republicans who associated with Arpaio’s “political mental word” and birther “flim-flam.” “Paul Penzone, a law enforcement officer challenging Arpaio, said that sweeps by the sheriff’s office often scare undocumented immigrants who could otherwise serve as witnesses to crime. ‘He commits considerable resources for the sake of sensationalism to arrest two or three people, where I could use two or three deputies and have the same exact outcome safely,’ Penzone said during a recent meeting in Phoenix. Penzone said various frustrations about Arpaio’s use of resources made him finally decide to run, he said.” (I’ve got an idea — don’t folks not unlike YOUR esteemed self usually tell guys like Penzone he’s not allowed to be something other than what folks like YOU think a Democrat is?)

“Nobody is surprised when the Right is called out for their BS — just as nobody is surprised when the Right never seems to recognize their own pathetic inability to excel at it…”

(Please don’t be confused. The easy answer is that it takes an enormous amount of shameless mendacity just to be a Republican — just sit back and join in the fun when you feel comfortable…) “Benefiting from widespread doubts about Mitt Romney’s authenticity and ideological commitment, Genghis has changed the shape of the race by sounding sharp populist themes that resonate with supporters of the tea party. ‘Mitt Romney wants to manage Washington, D.C.,’ he told an enthusiastic crowd in Scottsdale, Arizona. ‘I want to burn it to the ground, slay its inhabitants, and stack their skulls in pyramids reaching to the sky.’
Romney’s advisers privately fret that such sharp rhetoric may play badly with upscale suburban swing voters in a general election. Their dilemma is that they cannot attack Genghis’s often harsh positions without reinforcing doubts about Romney’s own right-wing bona fides.””

(This is me in trouble with the mods — replying to a ‘removed comment’…) “Right you are — the ‘mainstream’ media glorification of the oft-debunked (and therefore) ridiculously oxymoronic ‘job creator’ needs to be called into question often and as stridently as possible. Mindless blather deserving of wiggle room no longer, the comfort zone is declared off-limits for all…”

“I helped relatives move their motorhome from the Salish Basin to Yuma — was advised I couldn’t return home without a souvenir from Lutes ‘Casino.’ As hellholes go, Yuma is definitely an acquired taste — even in October, before the huge flocks of snowbirds show up — there’s little to attract a repeat visit. Not ignoring the invite, I’m just highly motivated to make my excuses and pledge someday to see the parts of Arizona that are not to be missed — keeping my fingers crossed that Arizona attains the reputation for sanity and wisdom it sorely needs…”


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