Looking Back: Hot Steaming ‘Dubya’ Served Up On A Platter


“I’m not sure why the previous comment was removed — but did anyone file Pat Robertson’s take on this storm yet?”  cliffhammond on Apr 7, 2012 at 00:12:32
“Yes. He said God is angry at Dallas because George Bush lives there and spends too much time cutting brush and standing downwind from a burning pile of wild hemp.”

“Well, shucks — I would normally be only too happy to follow your link — problem is, I no longer patronize media outlets that carry Rush. One of my many failings, I guess. Nevertheless, I can tell you’re willing to pass along the most informed opinions out there — this link is indisputably the best peer-reviewed resource available…>>>===================================================>>> http://www.skepticalscience.com/10-key-climate-indicators-point-to-same-finding-global-warming-is-unmistakable.html (Well, shame on him! If there IS a god–she doesn’t spend much time thinking about either one of those primates…)

“Yes! It’s a great idea — let’s focus on Sandra Day O’Connor and her complete legacy. Once upon a time, she felt obligated to retire due to her husband’s Alzheimers. That seemed very heartfelt at the time. However, she decided partisanship should be allowed to take precedence — she couldn’t abide the thought of being replaced by a Democrat. She handed down her decision — not to retire during the nineties. Then, when it looked like Al Gore might prevail in spite of the efforts of a loyal Bush cousin in Florida, followed by Jebbie’s well-documented ‘hanging chad’ debacle — she seized the opportunity to ‘bless’ the country with a steaming fresh Dubya on a platter. What a proud moment for intrusive religious ‘freedoms’…”

“Yes, it’s quite sad (carefully wipes tear to avoid touching prosthetic eyelash)” — but was Perry’s legendary helmet hair operating independently from a surgical back brace — or has it always been bolted to the thickest parts of his skull?”

Gene Simmons, Kiss Frontman, Endorses Mitt Romney, Regrets 2008 Barack Obama Endorsement (What a relief! Willard no longer needs to be seen angling for the homoerotic, face-painting basement-dwelling intermittent-voting demographic…)

(Isn’t it weird how this question comes up — again and again…?) — Dec 5, 2011 At 21:46:58 in Politics
“How do the Republicans ever get elected, when they have ALWAYS represented ONLY the interests of the 1%, and never the 99% — the rest of us? Assuming democracy still works — won’t someone please tell me how they do it?” ***Grumpy Old Dude*** on Dec 5, 2011 At 21:54:53 “To paraphrase a line from the Sting….t­hey cheat!” ***godipo*** also replies on Dec 5, 2011 At 21:53:00 — “Ruthless misinforma­tion and propaganda­, fearmonger­ing and lying. Completely conscience free campaignin­g. And a dumbed down population­, eager to be patriotic but not bothering to think about what that means.”


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