Breaking: Web Trawler Admits; “We All Love Pretending We’re Centrists”


(I keep telling you folks I lost my copy of the FoxGlossary — you’re going to have to help me out with the definition of ‘boring’ and ‘prize’ this week…) hrpmap on Feb 28, 2012 at 22:46:10 — “Man are you ever the outright spin artist, and do not know what you are talking about.”

“acts like an anarchist, without explicitly flaunting the label, was a question that inspired a 1980 documentary, ANARCHISM IN AMERICA.” (Hey, I get it now! Ron Paul is the ‘my life is like the old Monty Python Anarcho-Syndicalist Sketch from (Pre-Spamalot) Holy Grail! How cool is that — I feel much better knowing I can smirk right along with all y’all now that I’m in on the joke…)  michaelandolga on Feb 28, 2012 at 22:41:26 “Bob, I have no doubt but you’re glued to the tube watching him now.” 🙂 (More deflection — is all of your projection just as boring to you as it is to those who receive it?)

(The biggest scam he’s pulled — so far — is the pretense that he is anti-War — the donors list alone exposes THAT scam completely)

(Put your ‘bot’ in charge of the keyboard, instead. Your constant deflection from the subject at hand is getting REALLY boring…) “Quite the ‘comeback’ you’ve found there. Since you’re in a caring and sharing mood — isn’t there one more thing you’d like to get off your chest? No? I didn’t think so…is it my imagination — or is the already poor quality of trawlers on this site getting even worse — or is this what primary season demoralization looks like? If they can still learn, does this mean there really IS hope after all?”
ranchero42 on Feb 28, 2012 at 22:48:07 in Politics
“As always — quick with the refutation — equally slow with the proof. The operative word to describe you really IS ‘slow’ — isn’t it?”

hrpmap on Feb 28, 2012 at 22:53:04
“Some of your claims are rediculous, they do not deserve an in depth refuting.” (It’s not my fault those ‘evil teachers’ made you repeat a grade due to inadequate spelling and punctuation skills…)

(Trawlers hope most folks think they’ve got money and brains — few that post on this site have ever proved they’ve got either one, let alone the good sense their jeebus gave a javelina…) — “Kudos for posting this ‘contrary’ example of RW deflection. It’s small wonder that attacks from the Right accusing others of ‘elitism’ have waned somewhat lately — not much doubt who deploys such things — few can match the fervor of a RW zealot. When no recognizable argument can be found, teabaggers can still be relied upon to believe what they’ve been told; that nobody outside the Murdoch/Ailes echo chamber can spot lame, warmed-over FoxPoints; but it’s pretty amusing when those farthest from the learning curve spew them the hardest…”

(Righties love pretending they’re centrists — but not as much as they love deflection…) michaelandolga on Feb 28, 2012 at 22:47:04 “We all love pretending we’re centrists.” (On THAT note I shared: “Santorum volunteered of his own free will to become the perfect reverse weathervane ideologue; Newt is all about “do as I say, never as I do” — Mittens wants us to believe his deep abiding faith in wealth acquisition balances out the “end times” tendencies his religion brings to the equation. Ron Paul wants us to ignore the newsletter archive he (uploaded to the internet/stashed in the cellar). Maybe they’re all so addicted to that Super PAC cash that the three left out in the cold after Tampa will all run as independent candidates. Not much doubt all four are maintaining personal momentum — at least in part — due to pure egocentrism. The ultimate GOP choice will be simplicity personified — perhaps the penultimate choice can serve as veep or DefSec or StateSec or…)

“There can be no reply to: ‘Yup! (Ron Paul’s) “We the People” Act – designed to decimate civil liberties nationwide.’”


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