“‘With the war on women being waged at full strength, how could that question not come up?’ Limbaugh continued.”


(You have to admit: in some circles it’s still considered rare and refreshing to find a politician or candidate that isn’t trying to impress anybody whatsoever. This walking punch line from Florida goes lower even than that — Rep. West doesn’t mind people concluding he 1) isn’t very smart 2) gets his talking points from someone who isn’t very smart, or 3) if that’s the case — how did we get back to my first point so quickly? You gotta love it…) ***19jo*** on Apr 18, 2012 at 02:40:33 “And Gov. Palin thinks he’d be a good VP choice. Oops! back to number one again.” 😉

‘Christian Conservatives Plot Defeat For “Socialist” Obama At Florida Revival’ — “‘Winning the battle and messaging the masses’ against gay rights, ‘families under attack’ from pornography and sexual promiscuity, and panel discussions on abortion, immigration, Israel and women.” (Oh, my mistake — it was the mention of Israel that momentarily made me think these might be some of those “non-hypocritical” fundies that DON’T cherry pick through the Ten Commandments — carefully leaving out that inconvenient part about “bearing false witness”…)

“There are two simultaneous versions of the White House race taking place right now. In the public eye, Romney is consolidating the GOP behind his candidacy. Most all the holdouts – including House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell – are getting behind the presumptive nominee and making the case for his candidacy.” (I respectfully disagree. You heard that right: RESPECTFULLY disagree. I often treat others as they wouldn’t dream of treating me. Actually, there only IS one way — as long as Willard faithfully parrots FoxPoints — he’s in the clear. YES! As Long As He Does What They Tell Him To Do, Says What They Tell Him To Say — they’ve got his back. Ailes hasn’t been re-branded the king of alternate reality for nothing…)

‘For Willard, “Mormon Factor”…Hold Down Iowa Vote’? — 01 Jan., 2012 by Howard Fineman — DES MOINES, Iowa — “A top Romney adviser, speaking on a not-for-attribution basis, said Friday that the former governor’s percentage of the vote in the Iowa caucuses will be ‘held down to some degree by the Mormon factor. It’s just a fact of life that we know we have to deal with.'” (In case you missed it — THIS is what your basic “uphill battle” USED TO look like…)

“‘With the war on women being waged at full strength, how could that question not come up?’ Limbaugh continued.” (As long as we’re playing “Demand Answers” — why do we fail to call out Limbaugh when he claims others are waging a war about which he admits no responsibility? Unfortunately — it is because the low bar he sets becomes the benchmark) “Hey! Why not just call it as it is, “Anti middle class talk radio.'” There are others…”Hate talk radio” or “Corporate greed supported talk radio”? It’s not “Conservat­ive talk radio.” It’s “Incite anger with false accusation radio.” ***Cognitorsj*** commented on May 14, 2011 – ‘Limbaugh Scrambles To Un-Man Obama After OBL Killing’

(If Ted Nugent had any brains — he’d ask a politician more credible than Jim Inhofe take up his case. Lotsa luck — convolutions ARE involved; but they’re not the same as the convolutions you’ve been twisting your poor, sore tongue over…)


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