Who’d Willard Fire To Make That Nasty Pretense Of Benevolence Go Away?


(‘The Californians’: SNL Skit Parodies Our Obsession With Side Streets & Beating Traffic) “Right. But howcome my GPS won’t tell me where ‘Port Whinyme’ is?”

‘Culture Shifters, Teenage “God Squad,” Claims To Have Cured People Of Cancer’ (Time’s A-Wastin’!! These people need to get out to the Great Barrier Reef and commence t’HEALIN’!!! Don’t wait for a sign from god — you’ll know whether or not she approves by how well she keeps the Selachii at bay…)

“But…but…they PROMISED!! (Aren’t they as good as their word?) “Having more representatives in Congress with diverse backgrounds ‘betters legislative efforts’ by bringing in more viewpoints, said Andrea Bozek, a spokeswoman for the NRCC.” (Yep — that’s what the previously unstated goals of the Gee Oh Tea Party is all about — bringing “more viewpoints” on board for their upconning Tampa love-in/hate-in and hootenanny…)

‘Mitt Romney: Mothers Should Be Required To Work Outside Home Or Lose Benefits’ (IOKIYAR indeed…bewilderingly aggressive hypocrisy has always been a winning strategy for the Right — I wonder why Willard didn’t abandon his far less lucrative “moderate” hypocrisies sooner? Who’d he have to fire to make that nasty pretense of benevolence go away?)

“Not to worry — I’m sure there are some that will spin it to promote the ‘bold & fresh’ idea that increasingly infantilized RW boilerplate is a superior form of communication — due to the enormous amount of election year corporate funding behind it — but that story couldn’t possibly gain any more traction than the underpromoted and often overlooked idea that a clear-headed majority of Americans understand the importance of any ‘green’ activity like recycling every day, either — knowwhatimean?”

‘The 2012 Speculatron Weekly Roundup For April 13, 2012’ (I think I found one of your missing pollsters) “In January (2012), police arrested (RI) State Representative Robert Watson, a Republican, after finding him in his parked car with a marijuana pipe, an open can of Natural Ice, and two bottles of Corona. South Kingstown police noted that he appeared “highly intoxicated” and charged him with possession, but they declined to pursue a drunk driving charge, citing “legal issues.” (I’ll bet you re-monetized dollars to day-old donuts — if this guy wasn’t a RP supporter before, he is NOW…)

(Have you listened to yourself lately? Try reading what you write before posting — in fact, read it out loud, if that helps. How can the public know how they want to vote and at the same time be denied the polling results — beyond the paranoid version “where’d MY vote go?” are you familiar with the term “matter of public record”? Just how bad do you imagine things have become — that RP will be a shoo-in once all the “honest polling results” are allowed? Does RP have a conspiracy theory explaining how much money and how many mass graves it would take to bury the results you’re suggesting are being buried? If anybody subscribed to that idea — it would probably be a certain nutball with no realistic aspirations beyond Superfundie, TX. Have I told you lately how well you’re “showcasing” the “talent” with which RP happily surrounds himself?)


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