Sit Back, Relax, And ‘Imagineer’ RP Into The Aptly Named ‘White House’


(Did you previously seize the opportunity to answer THIS posters question? Care to tackle it and ease everybody’s mind?) ***Cory Jack*** replied on ‘Ron Paul In Iowa…’ (Dec 31, 2011 at 00:57:05 in Politics) “I’ve got a serious question, dead serious. Are Ron Paul supporters a religion? y’all sure sound like a religion – a LOT like my Jehovah’s Witness relatives who always want to “discuss” things, while wrapping up their five good beliefs and ignoring all the weird ones, and just like them giving some kind of “in” like agreeing the war on drugs is a bad idea, which I agree with Paul on, somehow makes a Paul supporter then think that I’ll vote for him or should. So, dead serious, is it a religion now?” (rmrgdr on Apr 11, 2012 at 10:17:26 “It’s a personality cult. Read these posts! Half of them are downright insane!”)

(So…THIS poster was ill-informed? Or just ‘thinking too hard’ about the Harold Stassen of the Twenty-First Century…) ***BuckJ*** replied on May 26, 2011 at 10:44:50 “Ron Paul supported Ronald Reagan against Jimmy Carter…t­he biggest dove to sit in the White House since WWII. So I totally don’t buy the story that they are just against government abuse and militarism­. They have proven they are not even ***primarily*** against government abuse and militarism­.”

(The silly season was supposed to be long over — Super PAC’s changed all that. Never mind — the only thing more entertaining than Newt and DocRon (RP) are their supporters…) ***Bob Cesca*** blogged on — 11 Jan., 2012 — “Cult politics means the question mark manifestly represents the un-electability of RP — electoral ability based on being repeatedly selected by a relatively homogeneous community of 100,000 voters isn’t nearly as ‘crackpot-proof’ when compared to building a national consensus among 100 million eligible voters. The notion that he was elected 12 times in his congressional district is meaningless on the national stage. For this and a variety of other reasons, very few people take Ron Paul seriously outside of his ‘imagineered’ cult compound.”

(That’s why I thought of Allen West when I wasn’t sure who THIS poster was talking about…) — Nov 21, 2011 at 00:05:03 in Black Voices — “If that’s true, I’d love to know which Republican he studied under. They do the fake religion thing better than anybody. And unlike your basic Democrat, a Republican can use his fake Christiani­ty as a Get Out Of Responsibi­lity Free card. Works every time.”

(But wasn’t it nice that Allen West stepped up and volunteered to make RP seem semi-sorta reasonable…!) “Bad move, Rick Santorum — now everybody’s gonna think Newt kicked you out of the Preach Pit…”

“Here’s all the links from the article that you not only IGNORED (that’s the magic word you hope we acted upon) but then you obligingly followed through on the most egregious circumstances implied by these facts and decided they really state the opposite of the actual conclusion. Kudos for world-class mendacity! What a proud moment for the RW echo chamber! Keep up the ‘good work’…


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