Showcasing Notable Examples Of Descending Nuts Since 1997


“Ungaro’s order bodes poorly for a Republican-sponsored bill to drug test state workers that recently passed the Florida state legislature.” (Not to worry — turns out the FL legislature enjoys an “embarrassment of riche”‘ — no doubt planned in the off-chance any of their favorite incumbents are forced to succumb to electoral reality…) ***Easy123*** commented on ‘Jacques Roy, Charged W/$375M Health Fraud…’ Mar 1, 2012 at 13:44:34 in Politics — “Meet the next Governor of Florida!”

(No doubt he’s looking forward to Jon Stewart’s next hilarious impression of Joe-meantwell. Can’t spell “Nutmeg State” without wondering about notable examples of descending nuts…)

“Bachmann’s unhurried tilt toward Romney stands in contrast to former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, who got behind Romney almost immediately after dropping out of the presidential race last summer.” (Fair enough. But what about those folks that insist the difference between the GOP and the T.E.A. Party is minimal — if not non-existent? I guess I’d better purge my files of things like THIS — I really hate lying liars — and I really mean a whole heckuva lot more than the GOP rank and file seems to…) — “Memo to the mainstream media: You may now use the terms “Tea Party” and “Republica­n Right-Wing­ers” interchang­eably. Although this is long overdue, we didn’t want you to go all cold-turke­y on the whimsical moniker that makes you wistful for the days when there was an actual movement.”

(Actually, one of the fascinating things about that “all-inclusive” astroturf conference was who attended — that infamous casino guy, Adelson must have been annoyed about something — either that, or he could no longer control his ‘boy’ Newt…) — “How does Newt propose to deliver on his promise (of $2 -$2.50 per gallon gasoline)? Well, the first thing he promises is to increase the amount of oil the U.S. needs — by eliminating fuel economy standards, so that Americans can once again be forced to purchase cars they cannot afford to drive. So far, Newt’s proposals make us worse off. Were this to happen, however, no one would be more unhappy than TransCanada, the builder of the Keystone Pipeline. Because at $2 gallon, there is simply no market for its product — tar sands oil is only profitable when crude oil prices are above $70 barrel. To get gasoline down to $2, crude must fall below $50 — meaning an empty Keystone Pipeline.”  ***Mudshark*** inter-jects:  “Newt was always good at pulling ideas out of his bunghole.”


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