Post Without Comment: “Gingrich attributed his low poll numbers to being a middle-class guy”


(Herman Cain Says Allen West Would Make ‘Excellent’ Vice President) “Can’t you feel the love? Makes me feel all ‘ooky’…can this be Herb’s way of putting ANOTHER rumor to rest?

“I don’t give two hoots and a holler what Ron Paul did not write thirty years ago. Now, it will pique my interest if you tell me thirty years ago he had a Jefferson-like affair with a black woman. And I’ll really get excited if I hear that Ron Paul was sexually harassed by Herman Cain.” — Aaron Freeman for HuffPost, 30 Dec., 2011 ***csmomo*** commented on Apr 11, 2012 at 12:18:25 “Ron Paul needs to go stay at the museum with the other dinosaurs.”

“Just a heads up for those mystified as to why I enjoy these encounters with RP supporters. Why not; they maintain this ridiculous pretense about simultaneously reviling the RW while claiming a (not remotely ‘scattershot’ or ‘haphazard’ but) ‘centrist’ position. I say let’s live dangerously and give them the benefit of the doubt on one salient point: they couldn’t possibly have failed to notice that RP’s continued existence in this campaign serves only one purpose: to make the other GOTP candidates’ position seem rational by comparison…”

(My apologies — I hadn’t previously ascertained how much emotional and/or physical pain the truth affects your fragile self…)

“Thank goodness we can track the cause for all that now: (Quote from a town hall in Maryland) “The industrial media is completely against Ron Paul for obvious reasons,” said Drew Kalocai of Ellicott City, as he waited near the front of the line that formed outside Ritchie Coliseum. “He doesn’t give them the *red meat* that both the Republican party does and the Democratic party does,” he said. (No wonder RP is a perennial loser — he can’t hire or acquire competent people who think before they speak to the media they hate so ‘well’…)

(js) “is that all you do: cut and paste others biased and screwy opinions? i understand though since when you attempt to write something yourself it makes little or no sense; and since you’ve admitted that you’re only here to troll Paul supporters i see no reason to continue.”
posted Apr 11, 2012 at 16:51:31 (Hey, look everybody! I’ve just been accused of holding ‘screwy opinions’ by a RP fanboy! I can’t decide whether that’s a bigger honor than the same poster calling me a ‘troll’ or not…*sniff* I’m so proud…”

(I can’t imagine how self-inflicted wounds could possibly affect Newt’s finances…) — ‘Newt Says NY Mayor Bloomberg Bought Third Term’ — 29 Dec., 2011 — “Gingrich attributed his low poll numbers to being a middle-class guy on Wednesday, unlike Bloomberg. The surprising snipe didn’t get much of a response from the mayor though. When asked about Gingrich’s comment, Bloomberg simply laughed and said, “What, did he say something?”


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