Nothing Like Timeworn Labels Concealing Fresh Infamies


“It dawned on me that this little old lady got on stage and said a two-bit, *retarded* joke that she should not have said and it was all over,” (Ozark Tea Party founder Richard) Caster said.” (A man who is trying to convince others that Teapartiers are good people — this is how he tries to make me believe? Never mind — hinting at true contrition or proving the existence of contact with a learning curve will be a long time coming from the extreme Right anyhow…)

“Taken for all and all; Kentuckians are pretty nice people.” So says my cousin in passing. “Impossible!” I say, “in the political arena, perception is all; such deception is counterintuitive!” (Kentuckians must be exceedingly POLITE folk — not given to bouts of overtly intense scrutiny of character. Regardez-vous Mitch and Randy — I’ll wager their antics have not escaped the notice of the rest of the country. To many such outlanders, it likely appears that these two have achieved higher office due to the fact that the most obstreperous denizens of the adult day care couldn’t be persuaded to toss their straw boaters into the ring…)

“Roger Ailes himself set the template for totalitarianism with four simple, interrelated goals — re-brand, revise, project and deflect. Charlotte O’Hara (as well as suggesting Kansas will stand alone after the U.S. falls like Soviet Union) only wants everyone to know she is willing to go the extra mile to get her dream date with destiny by hastening that end …”

(I protest! The media fails yet again! Why do they refuse to air video of Kansans standing on queue for hours — only to fight tooth and nail for the last of the bread and vodka?)

“According to his biographers Michael Kranish and Scott Helman, Romney was horrified when one of his Bain partners purchased himself a private plane. Yes, Romney bought a $55,000 car elevator. But for every story of a rich man’s extravagance, there are many more of Romney’s frugality: patched gloves, dented cars, and $25 haircuts.” (Uh, $25 for a haircut? Assuming this is La Jolla or elsewhere in Orange County — are these barbers standing on the street corners next to the squeegee brigade? Sorry, my eyes glazed over long before I got to the crux of this riveting spiel on positive political attributes…)

“Bush, who hasn’t been in office since 2007 and has flatly denied any interest in being Mitt Romney’s vice president, hasn’t been shy about criticizing his own party.” (It’s too bad Jebbie’s meager math skills didn’t kick in back in 2007, right about the same time his brother could have used such help) “TARP paid for this debt plus 4x more. If Dubya had just paid off all of the bad loans directly and sold the houses back to the homeowner at the real price, it would have cost us like 1/4th the amount of money the tax payers spent bailing out the banks.” (Nothing like disarmingly timeworn labels to conceal fresh infamies…) “The economy would have been saved and the Republican­s would be the heroes of the working class. Instead, they stole from the poor taxpayers and gave to the rich bankers and put no one in jail.” (Lookee there — even anonymous posters have better ideas than the factually-challenged, misspelled placard crowd…)


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