Non-Willard Selling Willard: ‘WE Not That Stupid — YOU Not That Clever’


“The polarization is largely due to how far and relatively quickly Republicans have shifted to the right end of the ideological spectrum.” (Exactly right — the modern GOP could hire smart-sounding people to advise them — or they COULD just look around and choose the ones that are most likely to annoy those with whom they most often find themselves opposing…) “Long believed to be born to wealth and privilege, Ann Coulter’s career has been marred by evidence of an early, profound deprivation. Whomever it was that took it upon themselves to mentor her left a noticeable gap in her education. This seems to have manifested itself in the form of a puzzle, expressed thus: ‘You have three choices — 1) act publicly in a smooth, professional manner, 2) exhibit the obstreperousness displayed by recalcitrant toddlers blissfully ignorant of the facts of life — or 3) lie helplessly kicking and screaming in that special way colicky infants share the world over.'” (Did she choose among these to complement her role as partisan deceiver? A cursory examination can occasionally help make it seem that she is capable of contrition.) “Three days after the interview, Deutsch noted that when he challenged her comments, Coulter appeared ‘to back off” and ‘seemed a little upset’, adding, ‘I think she got frightened that maybe she had crossed a line, that this was maybe a faux pas of great proportions.'”

(Reaching…reaching out for one big giant HUG. No influence peddling here, folks — those back room deals just a colorful story your granddad told you…) “In 1992, he (Willard) gave money to Democrats for Congress,” he (‘Not Willard’) added at another point. “He (Willard) voted in the Democratic primary for Paul Tsongas, the most liberal candidate. This is the man (Willard) who stood up the other night and questioned my (‘Not Willard’s) credentials as a Reaganite? This is the kind of gall (Willard and Willard-like candidates) have, to think we (‘Non-Willard-like’ people) are so stupid and we (‘Non-Willards’) are so timid that we (‘Non-Willards’) will let someone who voted for Paul Tsongas -– in 1994 he (Willard) is running for the U.S. Senate to the left of Teddy Kennedy. “He (Willard) won’t tell you that now, because that’s how much he (Willard) thinks we (‘Non-Willards’) are stupid. And we (‘Non-Willards) are not stupid. The message we should give (Willard) is: we (‘Non-Willards) aren’t that stupid and you (Willard) aren’t that clever.”

(I can’t imagine why, considering the company they keep…) DATELINE: HONOLULU — “Boulders and rocks tumbled down a Honolulu mountainside, smashing into homes, leaving two uninhabitable and forcing residents to evacuate for fear others could follow. ‘All of a sudden, the boulders rolled down. It wasn’t raining or anything,’ Honolulu Fire Department spokesman Capt. Terry Seelig said. ‘Something must have changed in the terrain up there to allow the boulders to roll.’ The largest boulder was about three or four tons and about six feet in diameter, he said. No injuries were reported.” (Wait a minute — wasn’t Barney Frank in the neighborhood recently? Does anybody doubt that will be the lead-in to however Pat Robertson spins it?)


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