‘Has Yet To Be Deemed A Danger To Himself And Others’


“A little bit of research turns up a whole ‘nother kinda ‘liberal’ interpretation by Ted Nugent featuring his personal views regarding adoption and game hunting procedures — one can’t help but wonder if Ted can tell the two activities apart most days. Circumstantial evidence therefore points to the possibility that this is the closest ‘Teddy Bear’ ever gets to foreplay — he’s already told us how much he’s been thinking about us lately…”

“Every time this guy (Franklin Graham) opens his mouth — the less I know about ecclesiastic intent and interpretation — wasn’t there even one unchanging universal truth implied in the words of that resurrected fellow I heard about once long ago…?”

(I spoke it out loud first; I sounded really humble … ) “You’ve discovered my most glaring weakness — giving others the benefit of the doubt in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary…”

(How long before the first proposed laws to supplement ‘Stand Your Ground’ infamies — these will be the non-awaited GOP-sponsored variant soon-to-be-known as ‘Don’t Embarrass Me And I Promise Not To Send You Back To The Repair Shop In The Sky’ measures…) ***H S*** responds: “The stand-your-ground law might come in handy for a teenager who is being beaten by his father for ‘acting gay’…”

“Not surprised the portrait shot (of Glenn Beck) was decided on; that would likely be the least recognizable of all the possible images available. Perhaps they can use some of the more evocative screen shots of Glenn in a future category — ‘Not Yet Deemed To Be A Danger To Himself And Others’ comes to mind…”

(‘Coppertone John’ must’ve fixed his broken volume control — this same Speaker Boehner was strangely quiet on this same subject when the REAL losers were being singled out in January…) — ‘Iowa Caucus’ One Big Winner — 03 Jan., 2012 by Howard Fineman — “The dismal, nasty campaign here was not good for the Republican Party or the country. There was precious little debate on anything other than who literally was Holier than Thou; the dollars spent on attack ads were, vote for vote, enormous. One GOP top finisher is unpopular with the base; another is too far out of the mainstream to be nominated, let alone elected; the third lost his last Senate race, in Pennsylvania, by 17 points, and is far to the right of the country on social issues.” (It’s been almost four months — and we still know exactly who each one Howard mentioned without identifying them by name…what a proud moment Boehner will be pretending he’s having yet again…)


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