“Gingrich’s remarks on the jobs he would or would not take in the Romney WH — should he be offered one, which he won’t…”


“For a minute there I thought maybe you had your ‘link’ in hand — imagine my disappointment that you’d already put it away and zipped up your pants before anybody could catch a glimpse…”

“Dick Cheney said ‘it’s never been more important to defeat a sitting president and the Republican Party should unite behind Romney.'” (Ah, yes — he’s back! The sole defender of Iran-Contra — the man who believed Nixon AND Saint Ronnie when they insisted “it’s not illegal if the President does it.” What a proud Moment for…what was this guy’s name again?)

“Yes, it’s really sad Roger doesn’t recognize an on-air asset like Sarah when he sees one. But that’s okay — his hatred for glitz, glamor and Hollywood runs unabated since the one time he watched ‘Deliverance’ and failed to see any fiction in it — only when you consider James Dickey through the distorted Ailes lens can you appreciate that this must be the film that helps Ailes believe everything Fox does is in the documentary form…”

“Gingrich’s remarks on the jobs he would or would not take in the Romney administration — should he be offered one, which he won’t…” (Aw, shucks Newt — don’t sell yourself short! If ever there was a president needed an Ambassador to Tiffany’s — Willard would be it…)

“Ailes was quoted as saying that he hired Palin to be a Fox News contributor because ‘she was hot and got ratings.’ The following month when Palin announced that she was not going to enter the 2012 Republican primary race, Ailes was reportedly outraged…” (Well, thank goodness we cleared that up for once and for all. For a minute there I thought Ailes was going to claim a preference for “talent” that makes the GOP appear focused, smooth and professional. Nope, my first instinct was correct, and now it looks like Ailes set a trap I fell into — finding ways to get unpaid folks to invent lies even Ailes himself hasn’t thought up yet…)

“It’s not for nothing they’ve been identified and called out as the sole defenders of their ‘job cremator’ friends. If they refuse to acknowledge our questions respectfully — with how much regard should we treat their woefully lame answers?”

(‘My’ links prove one very strong point — RP fanboys ignore anything that doesn’t tell them exactly what they want to hear. My best advice to YOU is — don’t listen to anybody that tells you to stop citing those RP-funded push polls. The RP cult asks no less than your unwavering fandom and devotion. Sent in a nice fat check lately?)


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