Any More Pre-Pubescent Insights, Røver Bördphist?


(There’s nothing wrong with Alan Simpson that avoiding being born old in the first place couldn’t solve…) — (It’s just too doggone bad he never found that one elusive thing that could’ve changed his life for the better…) sad — much too late to turn him from a bomb-thrower into a problem solver…)

***rcapitalsim*** spewed on Apr 15, 2012 at 07:50:07 “extremist on the left want to tax you for breathing.”(witty rejoinder follows hard upon) “As opposed to the ‘extremist on Right’ who only wants your breath to be taxing.”

“Here’s the problem they got,” Gingrich said of President Obama’s efforts to make Bain Capital an issue, “it didn’t work. It doesn’t work in general. Watch what is happening to him right now, there is a reason you have the governor of MA, the Democratic senator from CA …” (Hey! This admonition might have once had a slim chance of gaining some traction outside the Newt-oriented echo chamber — too bad he called the whole thing into question when he compared two of the greatest American generals to a draft dodging, absent-minded buffoon…) WASHINGTON — “Mitt Romney’s recent declaration that Russia is America’s top geopolitical adversary was not off the cuff — and it was not the first time Mr. Romney had stirred debate over his hawkish views on Russia.”

“Sadly, there remains a great need to constantly remind the nation that the GOTP has allowed itself to be a willing hostage to a ‘philosophy’ untouched by any nuance since Røver Bördphist was twelve years along in chronological age. This is why the ‘idea’ that signing another blood-oath of fealty to ‘Tea Party ideals’ came as no surprise. The scare quotes are not meant to ironic — though there IS irony aplenty — history shows that the conservatives of the Eighteenth Century were a lot more likely to provide aid and comfort to their cherished monarchy. Cursory research combined with contemporary observation brings most to the realization that RW zealots of the day couldn’t have seen much resemblance between themselves and those they undoubtedly branded as common street folk…”

“There are those of us have quite a different view of what describes a patriot. Any more prepubescent insights you wish to share with the world, Röver Børdphist?”

“Sometimes it’s not the line itself that makes it memorable — context and delivery can combine and create the moment from seemingly nothing. I was a David Bradley fan long before “HP and the Sorcerer’s/Philosopher’s Stone” — my cousin insists Argus Filch delivered the single best line of the film — pretty much for the reasons alone I mentioned above: “I miss the screaming.”


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