Has Willard Ever NOT Been On A Mission?


(For those who may have missed what Willard is attempting to deflect from — here’s proof that Raw Money intends to keep his head clear — whatever it takes to remain unapologetic about his leadership role in vulture capitalism) — ‘Iowa Caucus 2012: GOP Candidates Make Hard Push’ on 29 Dec., 2011 – “No less than five new TV ads (today) — with Romney releasing a 60-second commercial promoting his vision for America: ‘In the campaign to come, the American ideals of economic freedom and opportunity need a clear and unapologetic defense. And I intend to make it because I have lived it,’ Romney says in the commercial that includes patriotic images and scenes from his June campaign announcement in NH. ‘We have a choice in this coming election of what kind of America we’re going to have,’ Romney said. ‘It’s about saving the soul of America.'” (YES!! Willard’s on a mission – or maybe he’s never NOT been on a mission — should we build a new porch of concrete or stone to reduce worry of inevitable wear and tear — or perhaps a nice long wooden ramp so we can harken at his approach?)

(Drawing parallels between the moral turpitude required to justify pursuit of vulture capitalism and a contemporaneous claim of belief in a faith-based values system that seems to aspire against such practices requires no admonitions from the bishop either, apparently. I certainly hope nobody minds if I express my opposition to such flagrant hypocrisy. Let that alone be a first — but I doubt if many trawlers will forego a contrary position in favor of well-considered restraint…)

“Project and deflect isn’t merely the closest thing to sleight-of-hand Raw Money has gleaned from his funhouse-mirror reflection — Roger Ailes — these clichéd RW tricks of shadow-and-light will also serve well as the final refuge for a candidate denied credit for ‘Obamneycare’ — however his friends at Fox have revised and rebranded that to be lately. The chest-thumping roller coaster ride Willard game-faced in the primary will circle the midway again and again — careful timing on the veep choice announcement may help divert attention from the elephant in the room (smirk) — but for how long? Endlessly renewed enables ‘Never Gets Old’ — which of course, NEVER gets old…” — ‘For Willard, “Mormon Factor”…Hold Down Iowa Vote?’ — 01 Jan., 2012 by Howard Fineman — DES MOINES, Iowa — “(Concern for) ‘Mormon Factor’ highlights a significant and ongoing problem that Romney faces: skepticism and even fear of his deep Mormon faith. The Romney camp’s own concern was on display this weekend — evangelical voters in Iowa constitute perhaps 40 to 50 percent of the turnout. Power pastors in Iowa — and they are legion — have generally refrained from commenting on Romney and Mormonism. And Romney has stressed economic issues in Iowa.”

(When you’ve chosen a life that is ideologically driven — everything has the potential for becoming a casualty — the truth for instance, is often first on the list. Would it be fair to describe Peter King as a blinkered ideologue, driven forward by visions of grandeur based on his skillful ability to spread ignorance, hatred and fear? How does a political ideologue compare to other, even older afflictions of ideology? At what point does the onslaught of countervailing attitudes concerning false equivalency shut RWingers the helup?) — http://www.huffingtonpost.com/huff-wires/20120514/us-priest-abuse-trial/


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