Will The Real Willard ‘Mitt’ Romney Please Stand Up, Please Stand Up …


(July 3rd — Romney campaign) “Spokesperson Andrea Saul said that Willard ‘thinks [the mandate] is an unconstitutional penalty,’ not a tax. Top aide Eric Ferhnstrom emphatically declared that ‘The governor believes that what we put in place in Mass. was a penalty and he disagrees with the court’s ruling that the mandate was a tax,’ Fehrnstrom said (on July 2nd).” (Don’t panic, folks — after all, this IS Willard being discussed — so both things can be true at the same time. Even those who maintain a firm grip weren’t expecting quite this bumpy a ride…)

(They’re only giving her press because they think she knows where ‘Bat Boy’ is hiding…) http://weeklyworldnews.com/politics/47509/bat-boy-to-be-romneys-vp/

(This may seem like ‘piling on’ — but it turns out that James Moore noticed a resemblance between Willard and a recently elected personage with much the same potential for inflicting himself upon others…) “In Romney’s experience, he has been almost as disconnected from the concerns of the working class as was Dubya and his father. Dubya once asked a friend to help him ‘to understand the poor,’ as if the economically disadvantaged had somehow made a decision to not have money. ‘Why’d they do that?’ Dubya seemed to be asking. Dubya’s father loved to tell the tale of leaving CT in an old car with ‘Bar’ and heading out to West TX to become a wildcatter in the Permian Basin oil patch but he always leaves out the part where HIS father the senator (Prescott) staked H.W. to a half million dollars to get the oil business rolling. Eventually, H.W. sold the company for millions, set up trust funds for all of his children, and ran for Congress. (There is no doubt that) we admire money and project onto the wealthy characteristics they often do not possess. And putting those people into the White House tends to be a grave mistake.”

“I feel like all he’s doing is saying, ‘Let’s kill this guy,’ Ann Romney told CBS News, while seated next to her husband. ‘And I feel like that’s not really a very good campaign policy.'” (No worries — personally I’m glad that Ann has finally reconciled her inner need to project and deflect with a heartfelt desire to say goodbye to one or more of the many faces of Willard that she fell in love with — O so many years ago. This is just her trying to figure out which of his disparate personality fragments is/are her least favorite. It’s a positive sign of renewed balance of emotional health — best to stand clear until it’s over…)

(I must admit — I was a little mystified. Then I remembered: THIS kinda back-and-forth has been going on for a while…) “The tax issue became a distraction to Willard’s South Carolina campaign, (when) Willard’s fuzzy answers on ‘when and if’ — aggravated the problem. First Willard said Willard might release them, or Willard might not. When the questions kept coming, Willard said Willard would put them out in April, after Willard’s 2011 forms were completed. Only after Willard (suffered) defeat in SC did Willard’s aides say Willard would release them this week. Long considered the 2012 GOP front-runner, Willard was staggered by (defeat) in South Carolina, Willard is (now) looking to regain (Willard’s self-esteem in) Florida — voting is Jan. 31.” (Ben-Bob?)


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