Trayvon, ‘Starboardman’ And Waterslides Touch the Face of Campaign 2012


“If Liz Cheney ever risked showing a shred of humanity or decency; not only would herself be a whole lot less newsworthy than usual — it would probably ruin her chances on Willard’s veep shortlist…”

(Zimmerman interview ‘Hannitized’ — A gift that keeps on giving?) “When sociopaths think X-mas came early; there’s no backsies!! Just ask Hannity Clause and his Ate-Tiny-Brain; dear…”

“I have a feeling ‘well-thought-out’ and ‘George Zimmerman’s Life’ are disparate concepts previously used in the same sentence — never before and never again, I’m guessing?”

(You might believe THIS is coda for ‘Primary 2012’ — nope, it’s only Zimmerman again … ) “Do you often call authority figures for sage advice based in experience and training; then blatantly ignore that same well-informed opinion? How do you imagine that could be considered anything but a prank call? Did I use up my allotment of questions — or merely my fair share of embarrassingly pertinent ones?”

(July 28, 2012) “Yesterday, somebody said (sorry — I forget who) that ‘if the government made me give back ten percent of all the money I got robbing houses; not only would I not stop robbing houses — I’d hire a crew.’ Yes; I agree — except that it’s LONG PAST ‘not enough’ — and yet those who CAN do something about it — don’t. Again. And again…”

(‘Fess up, now — which one of you troublemakers let THIS slip into this otherwise reasonably worded article?) “‘Freedom of choice is probably one of the most precious components of what it means to be a Christian — and black Americans have really been quite possessive and reflective on this fact,’ Stacey Floyd-Thomas said.” (All should heed these words — THIS attitude is how you win over converts. But never mind me and MY opinion; go on ahead — creating headlines with a more ‘mature’ outlook your preferred bludgeon? Publicly announcing that you’re withholding communion right around election time may indeed be your chosen method of pandering — but at least the motive is clear; the extremists either ARE or will soon be in charge of so much more of that money you’re trying to snatch back in donations…)

(Boehner endorses Rob Portman for veep) “Oh. Okay, that makes sense … at first I thought Willard hadn’t announced this choice because the Teapartiers wanted him to pay homage to them AND ‘Capt. Mitt’ and change his name to ‘Starboardman’…”

(The Simpsons’: Springfield Man Wants Themed Shopping District) “Pretty sure Groening never bargained for ‘grandeur’ and ‘Springfield’ becoming conceptually compatible artistic challenges — BUT if you think a few extra government or private grant dollars can get it shoe-horned in between the water slides … what’s the worst that could happen?”


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