The ‘Western Bible Belt’ Knows All About ‘Strapped’


(View ‘All Things History’ with an unblinking, cynical eye — anything you miss might kill you … ) “Yep, Willard never heard a cliché he didn’t like. Something about taking the gander to saucy geese? The shopworn platitude that fits THIS conundrum he’s faced with must be ‘You Always Hurt The Multitude You Love’…)

(Remember when Congress reflected the best and the brightest of America? Remember when they were held to ‘a higher standard’? Me neither…) “Once upon a time — Congress worried about ‘the mere appearance of corruption.’ Oh, wait a minute — I forgot a rule that makes it all go away — ‘IOKIYAR’…so I guess that the single Democrat implicated on the VIP list found himself alone in the tall grass. But at least we can rest assured that Fox’News’ probably identified them ALL as Democrats — assuming Fox’News’ bothered to cover the story in the first place…” >>>

“Here’s the thing: I actually have relatives in both Idaho AND Utah — let there be NO misunderstanding that there is a LIMIT to my sympathy for anyone who allows themselves to be sucked in by scammers using ‘dogma whistles’ and repeatedly pushing all the End Times buttons in their spiel/rant (there is no zealot like The Converted). Nothing that comes from Planet Glenn Beck makes me want to waste a stamp, let alone open up my wallet. If I thought the ever-so-kind mods would allow me to post my true feelings on the subject — I might leap at the chance to expound at length about the direct connection between all that (you can never find an apostate when you need one) and the 2012 election.” (A note of reason to the wise; such speculation works best when it is all in good fun — helping to feed conspiracy-driven wingnuts grist for renewed conflation of those theories quite another. Best of luck to the willing!)

“Cantor appeared to go further than Republican­s have in the past by acknowledg­ing that not all patients are certain to get optimal healthcare under a system of private insurance. ‘I think that the fundamenta­l nature of our system of third-part­y payer is the problem,’ he said. Patients, he added, too often are left with ‘no decision about what they want and what they can afford.’ Later, Cantor said Republican­s want a safety net for people who can’t afford care but that ‘we’re not for everyone having the same outcome guaranteed­.'” (I can’t tell — does Eric Cantor ever have an attack of the ‘guilts’ whenever he forgets the latest soundbite revision?)

(Thank goodness Willard finally signaled his willingness to answer any and all lingering questions pertinent to Team Romney’s conflicts with veracity. Uh, that IS why Willard only recently broke his silence?) “All this new information about his campaign ad focus, combined with what we know about his long history of human weathervane — could it be that Willard’s expressing a heartfelt desire to be Obama’s next Ambassador to France? Too late — we already know nothing this guy Willard says (in any language) can ever be taken at face value… >>>

(Willard may be of service to his country of origin yet. Can we expect his reasoned response to an obvious cry for help — from the CLDS’ own backyard?) “What’d you expect from a state that takes its political cues from ‘The Blaze’…”


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