Team Romney 2012 — Wealth Trumps ‘The Higher Standard’


“Will Robme doesn’t think half of the world can be trusted to spend it wisely … it’s the pre-emptive presumption favored by sociopaths everywhere — don’t compensate ’em enough to fulfill their unrealistic dreams and someday they’ll willingly accept the bidding of their ‘betters’ unconditionally …”

“Marco Rubio is still mostly wet behind the ears — nevertheless — here’s how the ‘go-to’ guy gets to be that way: don’t make any glaring mistakes. Here’s a thought, Marco: try to avoid these four things when you’re not sitting in front of a Fox interviewer: Projection, Deflection, Re-branding and Blatant Revisionism. Failing to remember these words of wisdom makes you look more the fool than just about any serial celebritard prone to yelling at furniture … pardon me now while I ask the folks to raise their hands if they think Marco “Ruh-Roh” Rubio has the sense to heed this advice …”

“Whatever ‘core’ Willard may have had was laid waste when he pinned his hopes on Bush’s failed neo-cons. Endless war in the desert does not a winning campaign make — good press for the bible-floggers, tho …”

(The REAL magic happens whenever Team Romney assures us there’s a petting zoo under all that fertilizer … ) “It seems I’ve done myself a disservice by failing to visit the university campus at Miami, Ohio. Is THAT where they taught Paul Ryan to blame those who demand of The Privileged honest answers to direct questions? Shall we encourage and elect those that can’t distinguish ‘sheepskins’ from toilet tissue?”

(Vintage cognitive dissonance from the vulture capitalist: can’t wait to get hold of the rug he wants to pull out from under the guy that ‘put the floor under it’ … ) “Good question — anonymous hit pieces often get read and commented on, regardless. Me? I have no problem tearing myself away from the articles with no byline — and yet — here I am commenting anyway … a long-held HuffPost tradition best held to the exception rather than the rule. That reminds me — didn’t some anonymous poster write that there was something much like that sentiment in one of the GOTeaparty planks? “Do As I Say; Thou — Whereas I Have Enough Money To Avoid Being Held To A Higher Standard”?”

“You may be right — nevertheless; why is everybody taking shots at Victoria Jackson? Clearly; she identified a vacuum, which she aspires to fill — regardless of the critics, real or imagined. Since Johnny Carson is no more, there can be no “Floyd R. Turbo” — Jackson’s flagrant and protracted homage to Carson’s über-patriotic, effusively well-intentioned character. She merely strips away all of Floyd’s painful self-consciousness, adds a double dose of inventive invective and flogs it well … of course; I have no recollection of Floyd singing, is that new?”

“Once upon a time the future was bright and the career-arc laid out for ‘Poor Sarah’ was clear — gut a sleepy Kodiak for must-see tee-vee and snuggle inside the cooling carcass to ward off the wrath of an equally savage and unforgiving Alaskan winter. This too-proud Tundra Barbie blew off that opportunity to reward our fickle regard for her antics — almost as one; our attention wandered elsewhere. But this is America — why not give SP another chance at sealing her well-deserved fate — indulging the passive observances of the terminally ignoble and their less-complicated sycophants …”


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