Team Romney 2012: Feeding Your Inner Sociopath


“My favorite part about THAT is RWingers have been enabling universal heathcare in Israel for decades — and on demand abortions? Not a problem — everybody ask yourselves; why? Fundies and their fundraising amidst the flock — push all the buttons, push ’em twice and push ’em hard; don’t leave much slack or risk answering any embarrassing questions …”

(Wartime, peacetime, ANYTIME is magical thinking time!) “It’s not enough that they spread lies with SuperPAC money — now they’re lying to themselves just to get through this election cycle. The Teaparty-enabled death spiral begins …”

“Never quite sure how this works — if the children are taught to believe an artifact (***magically blessed backpacks***) can retain spiritually-based benefits from such a ritual — what of any artifacts or foodstuffs contained within? How long this retention after extraction from the original artifact? Will such residual effects affect the price of any firearms sold at police auction (if once contained therein)? The answers to these and many other questions could ease the path (and soften the landing) of clued-in matriculators for generations to come …”

“All we need remember is: the source of that phrase WASN’T Mitt-Bot 2012 — he’d be more comfortable stating; “If It Doesn’t Feed Your Inner Sociopath; It Couldn’t Possibly Fit The Approved RNC Narrative’ … ” Me? I’ll be happy if we never learn whether or not he was admiring the trees of Michigan because they were ‘Just The Right Height’ — or because he thought he was pandering to a crowd that understood his veiled meaning about the best limbs for throwing a rope over. No new info about Willard could possibly yield a fresh surprise; he’s a complete stranger to the concept “unthinkable” …”

“It seems that; on the first day (of the RNC) at least — they’ve been aiming at a different Pretense of Relevancy … “We’ve already heard from Jon Voight — where is the stale breath of air called ‘Kelsey Grammer’? Maybe his speech will deflect from how the housing bubble hurt his friends The House Flippers — then he can segue into how Obama’s bailout of Detroit ruined his personal Car Flipping Technique … “


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