Campaign 2012 — Team Willard: ‘Romnesia’ Or ‘RobMeBlind’?


“(Willard) “thought Ryan was an adult.” Okay, you KNOW that’s a bit of a stretch. Mittie was resolved to pick the first guy didn’t pee in Willard’s personal sand box …” (It’s BEN Romney I almost feel sorry for — he’s the only one not named after a verb or inanimate object/geologic feature. True story!)

(Yep; it’s true — Willard and Tundra Barbie have at least ONE characteristic in common — they have both been known to engage in bizarre behavior — hoping most pass it off as ‘adorable’?) “You’ve identified common symptoms of much the same malady. Such folks find impersonating police officers ‘pranking’ and settling arguments with flung canned goods reasonable and mature forms of behavior … such things are not recognized as a personal detraction let alone a glaring pathology when your life experiences have never lacked ‘soft landings’…”

(There’s always at least ONE in a crowd … ) “Thank goodness this posting was aimed at someone that bears absolutely NO resemblance to your esteemed self: “‘One of the most vapidly verbose trawlers refused to read my post — supposedly because it was “cut-n-paste.” While it is true I often use that method — he/she willfully ignored the fact that everything in the posting I directed at sir/madam (except the link) was (in point of fact) entirely my own words.’”

“In spite of repeated admonitions that HuffPost remains a ‘liberal site’ many forget the ownership was passed to an online organization that has rarely been mistaken for such. What’s happened (as evidenced by the graphic you’ve cited) is not-so-early attempts at wholesale demoralization of the electorate (or at least the part that trends ‘blue’) — it’s been done many times before; even Reince Preibus (he has too many vowels; don’tcha think? R__NC_ PR_B_S — there, that’s better) sounded unconvincing in his latest attempt at Rallying ‘The Troops.’ Nothing they’ve tried so far works as well as they expected (especially considering the huge sums they’ve spent) — their desperation is showing; their media surrogates hanging on to their last few tattered shreds of credibility …”

(Mitt Romney Spokesman: ‘Romnesia’ Line ‘Frankly Quite Silly’) “Imagine how Team Willard would’ve reacted to the least ‘silly’ version — “RobMeBlind” …”


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