Campaign 2012 — Play That Broken Record One More Time


(Not long to wait for THAT to pay off … ) “I know! Wasn’t THAT amusing? Let’s play that broken record one more time…>>> “President Obama abandoned the freedom agenda and we are seeing today a whirlwind of tumult in the Middle East in part because these nations did not embrace the reforms that could have changed the course of their history, in a more peaceful manner,” Romney said.” (Hey, this is great! What else can we get those Bush43 neo-cons Wilard hired off the unemployment line to get their clueless puppet to say out loud in front of the media?)

(Conservative Majority Fund PAC Airs Birther Campaign Ad Hitting All Obama Conspiracy Theories) “This ad may be little more than an informal polling to make sure the ‘Values Voters’ are still paying attention. Okay; that’s not fair — they just wanna see how much cash they can wring out of those who not only HAVE cash — but also lack the tiniest lick of common sense…”

(Meanwhile — back at the Department of Clearing Up Mysteries Bureau … ) “Can anybody tell me why Team Romney surrogates bother with ridiculous dissertations (like the following)? How does this help me feel better about Saint Willard The Job Cremator? >>> “We learn in (St. Paul’s) NT that baptisms for the dead were done during the Apostle (Is there a schism over Paul’s sainthood? Fascinating) Paul’s time (see 1 Corinthians 15:29). This practice has been restored with the establishment of the LDS church. (Restoration a big theme down the Salt Lick?) Joseph Smith (please — all my friends call me ‘Prophet’) first taught baptism for the dead in August 1840. He read much of 1 Corinthians 15, including verse 29, and announced that the Lord would permit Church members to be baptized in behalf of their friends and relatives who had departed this life. (Always MY first concern) He told them “the plan of salvation was calculated to save all who were willing to obey the requirements of the law of God” (Now they want us to look it up: Journal History of the Church, 15 Aug. 1840). People have occasionally wondered (don’t be obtuse — they’ve ALWAYS wondered…) if the mortal remains of the deceased are somehow disturbed in this process; they are not. The person acting as a proxy uses only the name of the deceased. (Well, isn’t that handy? Go ahead — pull the other one…)|question=/faq/baptism-for-the-dead/”

(Steele yourself for some more ‘Fox-N-Friends-N’ Billo-Bashing … ) “For RWingers watching their budgets; cheaper during Happy Hour, I’m guessing? Actually, I’d be more worried about other implications — does the Law of Direct-Inverse Proportions address how; as inhibitions drop, overall gullibility goes up? Does the bartender lose tips when he/she switches to ESPN; and — does the first appearance of the Big Giant Head signal time to start snagging everybody’s golf cart keys?”

(It’s more than a little scary to think about what it’s gonna take for “Poor Sarah” ***the half-gov*** to continue standing out in THAT crowd … ) “Unfortunately — it’s still a mixed bag; we won’t know until it’s over. It may only be RW latinos expressing chagrin over perceived slights from Dem leadership; nevertheless, it seems that a majority of Mormon Latinos that can also vote — trend Democratic. Willard is aware of his deficits in the community — he’s got the gov of NM re-branding, revising, deflecting and projecting on his behalf. Telemundo and Univision operate like every other media outlet in this country — money talks. They are, of course run by largely center-right leadership who will ‘steer’ opinion but not risk wholesale alienation. Hey, this is fun! Now we need some links…>>>
>>> >>>


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