Campaign 2012 — Jamming Their Slimy Nuance Into All Things Biological


(Oh, no — projecting Willard’s road-trip persona as ‘curmudgeonly’ would be comparatively benign) “Apparently, Mitt Romney (while inclined to shamelessly ‘channel’ Reagan) was understandably failing to pay attention to the rest of Reagan’s performance. That would be the part when Ronald Reagan took the leading role in ‘Iran-Contra’ and swapped arms for hostages with Ayatollah Khomeini.”

“Romney’s pandering to Teaparty groups is indicative of the necessary balancing act he has to maintain to help deflect continued attacks from the Right.” (We should pay attention to Billo on this matter — he’s quite the expert. In fact — he is DEEPLY committed to the Long Con — and not just because his paycheck is riding on it…)

(“I’ve no doubt he can find some highly motivated volunteers that want to get right on it — presumably immediately after they raise the funds from their next ‘roadtrip’ bake sale…”) “Hey, check it out! Willard’s using aging fratboy code for ‘bring your yacht to Cape Cod! Party’s ON!'”

(Try and track down an archive for Team Romney surrogates — look at Sununu’s Sunday panel show face — did he regret later slapping the make-up guy’s hands away?) “What can anyone surmise from Willard’s stated qualifications for the presidency when he demands so little from those he’s picked to advise his campaign?”

“Working with eventual Speaker Newt Gingrich, Norquist was one of the co-authors of the 1994 Contract with America.” (Yep, it’s TRUE — between Newt, Ed Gillespie, and Grover Norquist; turns out Grover is the closest that crowd ever came to intelligent. Explains a lot, eh?)

(I can’t help but wonder how Ol’ ‘Smartypants’ Grover feels about other perennial crowd-pleasers; including the RW default position — ‘Lying By Omission’) “Brewer enables such pandering through her surrogates (and then responds to the hive mind) as political survival; her (inflicted and inflictive) austerity measures are in place, she wants more distraction to serve as cover for her glaring inabilities to govern a state with two separate transient populations — one WITH money and power, one without…”

(Explaining Grover to the blissfully ignorant) “Some guy who hasn’t had his outlook on the world advance much since he was about twelve years old. Doesn’t say much for those who signed his pledge now, does it?”

“With this guy (Willard) everything is all about money or (more to the point) his unwillingness to part with it. But that’s no surprise if you think about it — he gets unchecked rancorous feedback every time he lets slip he’s been jamming his slimy nuance into All Things Biological…”


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