Campaign 2012 — An Ongoing Forensic Examination Of Willard’s ‘Heart’


“I stand corrected — looks like false equivalency is the final refuge for swillards. Nevertheless — THIS is what will bring Robme down…>>> “Private wealth held offshore represents ‘a huge black hole in the world economy,’ said James Henry.”

“Which pretty much explains the reason some are asking why Willard hired Ed Gillespie (He of Promoting Enron’s version of government-enabled Big Brother Power Consolidated) — could it be that Ed’s latest role is little more than re-making that Frank Luntz-Spew to be more palatable to all but the Willfully Ignorant crowd? (aka ‘Those Who Joyfully Lap It Up’?) Let’s hear it for another Willard-blessed bishop’s canonical/blast from the recent past…”

(Sorry, folks — if you don’t like picking over that carcass, stop reading NOW … ) “Romney’s first claim is that the PPACA is: “an unfolding disaster for the American economy, a budget-busting entitlement, and a dramatic new federal intrusion into our lives.” Note that these words are courtesy of Frank Luntz, the right-wing Orwellian (I should be more careful — he’d likely consider that akin to a reacharound) word-maestro who provided Newt Gingrinch (Abrams spelling – bless his heart) the word-lies to use against Democrats in the 1990s such as “pathetic,” “weak,” “unpatriotic,” “death tax,” “government bureaucrat,” and so forth. In this incarnation Luntz found, for example, that health care reform was exceedingly popular, (how sad for HIM) thus the president’s bill had to be re-branded “a government takeover” whether it was or not (and, it is not!). Romney cites the 10th Amendment as the basis of his plan. (No WONDER he’s hired Luntz) His invocation of the 10th Amendment immediately after mentioning the poor and chronically ill was instructive — are you sick and cannot afford health care? Well, just read the 10th Amendment, that will improve your health (Paul Abrams, 03-23-2012)

“Let’s see…this guy, Willard? Has he laid out his plans in public; or has he pretty much kept it all hush-hush? Never mind — pretty sure THIS guy never lined a cartop critter cage with a roadmap…>>> “Obama specifically addressed skeptical voters and independents watching on television. “If you want to give the policies of the last decade another try, then you should vote for Mr. Romney,” Obama said.” (Nice folks in Ohio — too bad they’ve been Boehner’d and Kasich’d…”)

(Being mean to third-party voters? It’s out of love and “been there, done that”… ) “I made the point earlier that voting for a third party is tantamount to placing a Romney sign on your crispy brown lawn — the resulting ‘political weather’ will keep a lot of fossil-fuel burning mowers idle a long time to come. Oh, I’m sorry — you WERE emphasizing the impending irony of that Party name, correct?” (Response to ‘breakingpoint’ and his/her admonition to “2012 VOTEGREEN” — (I don’t get much lawncare spam. Is that a monthly service? Can they help me find drought resistant alternatives? Send me a price list for services…”)

(Tax reform — agenda item or Joke 2013?) Part of the conversation from the Right is swirling around ‘The FAIR Tax’–here’s an indicator how it will work–not hard to guess what’s in store for the middle class…)
“Boeing is exempt from sales tax on all airplanes delivered from Washington State. This is achieved by making the sale “overseas,”- i.e. not in Washington. A Boeing flight crew flies a new plane just past the 200-mile limit of U.S. sovereignty off the Washington coast, at which time money is transferred by wire and a new crew flies the plane back to Seattle, completing the sale.”


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