Accountability Or KoolAid — Which To Swirl And Spit?


(“Didn’t they once make ‘accountability’ a campaign issue? Whatever became of the bus THAT one got thrown under?”) “Why should Willard be expected to abandon lifetime habits? Everything you show Mittie has to be framed like a profit-and-loss statement. ‘Truthfulness’ and ‘the 47%’ aren’t quantifiably compatible inside the Team Willard bubble …”

“Actually, Mittie — what we REALLY need to know is — how many times a day are you wrestling with those ‘not meant to be factual’ moments? On a related note — remind me how many years you’ve spent campaigning and taking full advantage of a little ‘stump time’ to put some polish on thoughtfully considered political banter? Everything you hate can be re-branded ‘rhetorical questions’ only so many times … what’s the frequency, Willard?”

(Koolaid is not known for its unique bouquet — if you MUST indulge; swirl and spit. Heed not any admonitions of ‘Daily Swaller’ …) “Go ahead — make a donation to Team Romney 2012. You’ll be entered automatically into a drawing — first prize is you get to kneel before the Throne of Willard and explain why your continued financial security is important to you … second prize is the best bunk in the slave quarters on Planet Kolob … ”

(Even with the ever-unchanging text in before them — they make up their own rules of engagement. How can both things exist simultaneously as ‘tradition’?) “Not surprising when you think about it — ‘creators’ indeed: when alternate ‘rules of engagement’ are made-to-order; no policy matter can be raised at an inopportune moment. Any lingering opposition is attacked as inherently hostile to comity and deliberate failure to abide by the will of The Rule Makers: “Bush Who?” points the way toward the Right never having to say they’re sorry …”

(Remember when Republicans put up candidates deserving of respect? Me neither … ) “I have a table lacking a third leg — which of these stack higher; Newt’s books, more ubiquitous forms of manure, or the least useful form of fertilizer — Newt himself?”

(Four Out of Five Mitt Romney’s Agree!) “What a heart-wrenching plea for sympathy (seriously; go ahead — pull the other one) from The Many Faces of Willard. Before Mittie leaves Colorado, Willard needs to schedule an exclusive photo-op for loyal RobMedia. A little whitewater jogging should do nicely …”

(So — when they moderate my comments out of existence; they’re ‘saving me from’ myself — not because I’ve been slicing too close to the bone? It’s revelatory!!) “I feel your pain (true story). On Friday (or was it yesterday?) there was a great big article posted on this site featuring everybody and his dog pitching in their two cents worth. It may very well have been a fascinating, in depth examination of the two adversaries — I’ll never know because it led off with some ‘body language expert’ — way to increase your global credibility in these days of increasingly competitive media, HuffPost!”

“I couldn’t help but notice you’ve been shifting an enormous pile of c&@p onto this thread. Did Bagger Central point you towards a spot and tell you not to stop shoveling until the elephant turned up? What a proud Lo-Info Moment …”


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