2012 Campaign — Big Lame Blame Game (We Deride; YOU Decide)


(Grief-stricken, the outspoken trawler faces reality for the first time since Nanny-driven potty-training … ) “Well, if you really ARE Will Robme — the Boca Raton video record shows that you said that the economy would self-correct (with or without “self-deportation) implying “I could win and do nothing” pretty much is the same thing as being okay with everything Obama has done about bolstering the economy thus far. Will “Will” confirm his confidence in — and support for the president and throw in the towel?”

(Jack Welch loses track of which definition of ‘built that’ applies … ) “Poor guy must be having flashbacks to the days he could still woo a fresh trophy wife … ”

(Ol’ Rupe loses track — full stop.) “Rupert Murdoch just declared Barack Obama the winner? Or did he just own up to his favorite scam; The Big Lame Blame Game …”

(Spraying for “bots”… ) “Seriously, I’d sure hate to be whoever you aimed THAT posting at. Never mind — you can cut-n-paste it and send it on its merry way. You’d think there was a hotly contested election coming up or something …sheesh …”

(Even those still stoned since the Sixties never got THIS one … ) “The line that follows your micro-bio has special meaning in the Romney family; however much they might deny it: “All Your Wealth Won’t Buy You Health” (but it’s highly unlikely Willard’ll ever discover the ability to laugh like a human) “So I Smoke A Pint Of Tea A Day”…”

(Analysis? Baggers don’t need no “analysis”!!) “Of course you realize it’s much more (much less?) than that — Fox News seeks to suppress opposing viewpoints, lower expectations across the board and diminish resolve for anything resembling egalitarianism.”

(Geraldo or Gump? “We deride; YOU decide … “) “Yes, it’s really sad when an otherwise loyal FoxPuppet can’t honor his contract and dishonor his distant and meager journalistic integrity. Let your freaky Fox flag fly, Forrest! Run!”

(Roger Ailes Showed Me The Way To Make Shit Up And Move It Along … ) “You bring up an interesting point — if Geraldo can have a brief moment of clarity; then logically Bolling and Hannity could each get one too. Do Sean and Eric often hike the Appalachian Trail together? Hmmm …”

(Project, Deflect, Re-Brand and Revise — Four Good Names For Two-Way Streets … ) “Yes, well, uh — seems like the Right long ago deemed the concept named “dialogue” as one of the evils visited upon humanity by “Greeks Bearing Gifts”…”

(“It’s called “editing” son — learn it!!”) “Seriously? Haven’t trawlers learned that video is their worst enemy? I got an idea — try to find the version that replaces the context that The Weakly Slandered removed. THAT ought put a knot in your cassock …”


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