2012 Campaign — Trump Brain Warm; On High Alert


“There may be lesson for first graders after all — if you place a book on the shelf too toxic for consideration; glue the pages together, hollow it out and place all your lunch money into it. Every glimpse of that rictus (Ann Coulter calls a) grin can become an object lesson for the ages …”

(If Mitt ever stops lying; will his fans think he just started?) “It’s a sad state of affairs — none of those folks up to their noses in Mitt ever seem to know when to stop talking …”

“Coulter paid three times as much for HER Cornell degree as Olberman paid for HIS Cornell degree; yet her default position is always name-calling. Why did she give up so easily on the classic slam against “eggheads” — y’know; “Those Who Can, DO — Those Who Can’t; TEACH” — I’m guessing the main reason is because she failed spectacularly at BOTH …”

(My bone of contention with the Team of Willard is RESPECT.) As in: “it’s hard to respect a man that pursued the soul-searing policies of an oligarch — both as a so-called BUSINESSMAN and as the governor of a state that is TRULY likeable — especially from an historical perspective. Honor the founders? Willard can’t make that sale — can’t buy no respect.” As in: “Respect those who DIS-RESPECT a sitting President (some virtually from Day One) and willingly embrace the same brand of disrespectful donors — anybody with a fat wallet and a thinly veiled pathology or some old axe to grind.” (RESPECT — learn it, embrace it fully, deploy it sparingly lest ye appear insincere. Team Willard? Do I need to make donation before you’ll listen?) “That’s what’s known as a ‘campaign wrap’ folks …”

“I once saw a photo of The Donald holding a shotgun (NRA Ad?) so — maybe he’s thinking he can use his meager writing skills and expound at (book) length about a heart-pounding ‘hunting’ trip with (eager donee) RoboCheney …” (“The closest thing to human claimed by the GOP lays claim to knowing Donald Trump? Any word yet on that hairy alien Trump uses to keep his brain on High Alert?”)

(What will Team Romney think of next?) “Willard playing the victim card? It’s almost as if he was programmed from birth to make it his life’s work — all the while playing every marker his life of privilege handed him …”

“This bizarre tag-team (R&R) has worked out its meager differences in order to develop its own ‘special’ pathology — no surprise when (you declare ‘unbeatable’ a combination ‘featuring’) a full-on vulture capitalist with little interest beyond lining his own pockets -and- sharing the fruits of his ‘labor’ with all the Right people. Then there’s his ‘mini-me’ — Ryan seems to represent a religious sect (of notable nadir) that completely garbles the Roman Catholic imperative “Do Good Works” through the ultimate re-interpretation of humanity — “Objectivism.” (Another poster on another site summed up the R&R leap of con-logic quite handily; “1980’s foreign policies — 1950’s social policies — 1920’s economic policies — more positions than the Kama Sutra … “)


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