2012 Campaign — Furniture And Self-Deportation: The Movie


(Once more with feeling … ) “Jeopardizing the future for our kids” doesn’t include negating Willard’s plans for a massively bloated budget for a curiously impassive Pentagon. Willard the Chickenhawk insists everything adds up when he wields his Mighty Magical “Cackle-Later” …”

(Have the Libertarians told Willard how little harm he is likely to do to their deep abiding love for him lately?)  “WWARND? “What Would Ayn Rand Not Do?””

(Planning the Future of America and The World — Don’t Worry; We’ll Get Back To You On That Before You Know It … ) “I think it’s more likely Willard’ll put together a focus group with an eye toward making the lies (somehow) more believable …”

(Imagine what they’ll be saying AFTER the election … ) “Willard doesn’t believe in concessions — he can get all his snacks wholesale or down the CLDS storehouse … Yes! They still have them. We’re in The End Times; don’tcha know …”

(Sit back, relax, it’ll all be over soon … ) “Low-info and no-info operators are standing by to de-program YOU …”

(Giving credit where credit is due — I’m all that and ever since 1974) “Oh, shucks — I know you can talk bigger smack than THAT. On the other hand — I’ve SEEN the presidential candidate you’ve had to settle on …”

“Haven’t you heard? True revisionists insist POTUS went to bed with standing orders he not be woken up under any circumstances. How is it the Right can’t even coordinate their projection with their deflection?
When Romney loses; will the 1% be forced re-learn Can Opener 101 — or will it be best to start with the basics: Thumbs Are Your Friends!!”

(My policy meetings are all the right length … ) “Maybe Will Robme can spare a few moments for a few words on the working poor next time he gets a chance — in fact; I’ll bet it’ll happen soon. Why? It’s clear he LOVES the sad, simple fact of the existence of the working poor — because almost every one of his stated goals seems to be aimed at making a huge boatload more of them …”

(Team Romney disavow all knowledge of a campaign off the rails … ) “Not one voter who’s been paying attention doubts Willard will return to his original position on every issue someday. The pitiable part is Mittie himself always seems to be the last one that realizes …”

(Glad you brought up Clint Eastwood again — “The Good, The Bad And The Ugly” were invited to Tampa; two out of three left “Good” for dead in a ditch … ) “Wasn’t the RNC fave; “Play Mittie For Me”?”


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