2012 Campaign — Going To Hell Or Coming Out?


“IMO ‘The Pres’ has kept it out there a lot better than The Press. Which is not surprising — Willard has proven to be resigned to — if not wholly willing to personify — a RW-enabled inevitability: “DubyaLite.” Pretty sure the media also have come to expect lame deflection and multiple policy positions from the weaker-minded of any pairing of presidential contenders since Reagan — the ex-bishop has fulfilled that convoluted role admirably. Maybe that’s why they call Willard “Dances With Selves” behind Mitt’s back …”

“Those with the price of admission to Willard’s inner circle — have THOSE ‘lucky’ few earned anything beyond ‘the latest’ version? How can they feel assured of THAT — unless they are handed a tissue smeared with the freshest ‘nuance’?”

(Careful now — this may actually represent the closest thing to logic in the Randian Universe … ) “Mitt Romney said it was ‘immoral’ for the federal government to play a significant role in disaster relief at a time of high budget deficits.” (Does Willard see nothing but opportunities for his inner vulture capitalist? I’m guessing Team Willard already has the 2016 campaign slogan: ‘Team Willard Did Not Respond To A Request For Comment’ … “)

(Team Willard doesn’t want you or me to focus on such things — isn’t Jon Stewart overdue for another installment of ‘Squirrel!!’?) “History shows that projection and deflection remain the central themes (since Ailes worked for Nixon) of ANY campaign run by the GOP — that fact stands alone as an electoral obscenity. A cynical political ploy notable in its failure to correct a reversal of electoral success. A Party long overdue for celebration of the halcyon days of the GOP — no longer well-served by non-abusive role models and honorable policy makers — when did they decide to throw it all away? Was global renown and universal acclaim becoming an embarrassingly impossible benchmark to exceed?”

(OF COURSE the “therapy horse” is a full write-off on the taxes — what more proof of mental stability do you need?) “Ann Romney may have lost track of the over-arching theme of her faith: The Patriarch is never wrong — due to the belief that Her Man moves in the same spiritual circles as “He of Mysterious Ways.” On the other hand — any woman claims to retain that belief after her male children have reached adulthood — it’s probably pretty safe to assume she’s unlikely to speak with any authority or credibility when questions of mental health crop up …”

(Danged if those trolls can’t take a beating and keep on bleating … ) “So “proud” we are of their limitless capacity for denial … so much so I voted early for “That One” with an mail-in ballot …” (Many Are Like It — But THIS One Is Mine … )

“You are correct, sir or madam! Perhaps we’ve misjudged Tundra Barbie entirely. What if her raison d’être has been to provide an answer to one of Alaska’s great mysteries: why should their most famous anonymous poem be considered a rhetorical question — it no longer need be since semi-governance has become an acceptable example for the children of Alaska to follow …

“The Alaska Highway
Winding In and Winding Out
Leaves A Lot of Serious Doubt
If the Lout Who Built This Route
Was Going To Hell Or Coming Out”


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