2012 Campaign — Give Birth To A Joke


“Dennis Miller needs more than an epidural to give birth to a funny joke …”

“My goodness this Romney fellow has an oblique relationship with the truth!! D’you think he only reacts to key words as if they were pre-programmed — or have his human handlers tried the K.I.S.S. method due to historical precedent of RW candidates?”

(A case of “mistaken identity”?) “Mitt the Patriarch is from ‘Mt. Pilate’, not Mayberry …”

(Same old whacky board — do they want us to believe they pounded the rusty nails flat?) “I seriously doubt if Issa, Miss Lindsey, or even the R&R apologist Jennifer Rubin are sincere in their concern — if they were; they’d clean up the mess in their own yard first. How is it these RW knee-jerks haven’t noticed Romney relies heavily on a large contingent of Dubya’s contrition-free neo-cons for his foreign policy cues?”

(There’s one hatched every minute … ) “Not many on this site have the cojones to admit to being a Fox viewer; therefore we should respect such bravery — IMO nobody should fault you for failing to learn the difference between two completely  disparate concepts like ‘prescience’ and ‘how low can you go’. That being said; I cannot fault those who would condemn posters that continually fail to eschew ignorance in The Information Age. If your quest for truth is a sincere one — good luck! Monitoring Fox is a funny way to go, though …”

(I sure do love me some big bird — too bad Willard is this years ‘Promise One Thing; Deliver Only A Mouth Full of Feathers’ kinda candidate …”) “After you’ve stopped patting yourself on the back for repeating the same ‘witticism’ over and over — ask yourself; ‘WHY is Willard down by twenty points in Massachusetts?’ (the state where he was governor; in case you missed it) Normally, a big part of ANY campaign is about focusing on past accomplishments — not gonna happen for the GOTP in 2012? It seems a little weird that unswerving belief in everything that Mitt says (including his magical numbers) isn’t merely a choice for some — it’s an unavoidable necessity — assuming steering clear of a looming unpleasantness (like a mood-killing reality check) is your unstated goal …


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