2012 Campaign — Fire Retardant For The Steaming Pantload?


“Is Willard counting on Paul ‘Fuzzy Math’ Ryan too much; to make The Romney Plan sound workable? Willard isn’t just using his wife for cover on his tax return issue — Ann’s dressage ‘business’ losses would become the main focus. Turnabout is fair play, I say — Ryan needs to put his ‘DINO Dynasty’ wife out on the firing line to explain how their Effete Rich compadres riding ‘post’ (English style) won’t see a decent return on all that ‘investment’ until they train up them million-dollar broncs to RODEO in the off-season …”

“Spotting the common denominator remains the same challenge for all; guaranteed success is skewed by those already at the top; being born on third base a lot more likely factor than the rarity — generous patronage triggered by adherence to a similar ideological outlook. Each successive generation of RWingers thus needs to be smarter than the last; so why does our home-grown ‘commoner’ variety consistently fail to stand out intellectually (much like the House of Lords)? The default position in sociopathy seems that it manifests itself as a regressive trait on the evolutionary scale as well as the societal scale, it appears. Meanwhile; it’s MY fault I can’t buy me a big enough ladder to climb up out of those  trees conveniently grown at the Right height …”

“I wonder how many undecideds could make their minds up based on the Ryans showing us their g*dd*mn tax returns?”

“Too late the loyal Teapartier will live to regret that ‘they have been at a great feast of languages and stolen the scraps’…”

“How long would you say it might take Paul Ryan to treat all his pants with fire retardant?”

“Well spotted! Yes, Willard seems pretty sure such a lame attempt at shifting media focus couldn’t possibly turn up the heat ahead of Tampa. You’d think he’d be more careful — relying on obvious pretense? Just like ‘Be Careful What You Wish For’ — maybe Fehrnstrom needs to give him another good shake…”

(Zimmerman Speaks … ) “Okay. George? In case they forgot to tell you — on the one hand; there’s these folks known as ‘celebrities’ — are you with me so far, George? On the other hand; there’s these folks we call ‘celebritards’ — by and large, both of these groups consider Hannity little more than a booking error; a sign they need a new agent. Are you starting to get a vague outline of your ‘Life In The Spotlight’ yet, George? Fox is to News what McDonald’s is to fast and cheap; empty calories all … will your answers continue to be equally hard to swallow?”


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