2012 Campaign — ‘Binder Women’ And The Path Not Taken


“Willard didn’t come up with ‘self-deport’ all by his lonesome; he ‘borrowed’ it from states that hope people ‘vote with their feet’ (migrate to more benevolent blue states) rather than rely on meager social services. No more nannies in The Nanny State? Whatever will the 1% do? With no-one on home turf to exploit, will oligarchs feel compelled to import maids like the Saudis and Kuwaitis? That IS their ideal, right? And then there’s state-driven immigration issues aimed at non-interference from Uncle Sam — too many coincidences?”

(“Milk Before Meat” Explained … ) “Willard’s immediate circle (C L D S and Bush neo-cons) quite clearly believes the chosen few hold sway over the majority — due to their pre-ordained position in the Now as well as the Hereafter. Mittie himself made it perfectly clear he believes those born to lesser status (in his eyes) are unlikely to achieve an exalted state in this world or the next. (Why should I waste time and energy — his attitude implicit) Me? I wish I could make others believe I feel truly sorry (on his behalf) for his lack of vision; but Willard consistently fails to seek those who can deliver unto himself such unified vision … The Old Patriarchy remains quite impressive to old patriarchs and a mystery to those they deem spiritually bankrupt.”

(At the risk of sounding like “the enemy” — sometimes you just gotta “take it on FAITH”… ) “Yep; this is exactly the type of RWing revisionism Team Willard relies on — it’s very colorful and undoubtedly gets the willfully ignorant riled up when presented so melodramatically. However — such presentations can only remind one that the insurmountable challenge remains. NOW you have to figure out how to make them believable to folks immune to the virulence of Fox-style talking points. Any ***ideas***? (smirk)”

(Positive reinforcement?! What IS this — a Dale Carnegie seminar for trolls?!) “Well done! You’ve learned Lesson One from Team Willard: when you don’t like the topic — change the subject! Just to let you understand what a bad influence you truly ARE — I’m not going to change the subject back to the one you cheerfully ignored — I’m going to change it to a third thing you can loathe or ignore at your leisure … (And so I did — can you guess what happened next? My first mistake was in providing choices … )

(This calls for a “cheerleader” — where’s Dubya when you need him?) “Well, then — let us seize the moment! Now that all those folks are awake and aware; let’s show them ALL the numbers: ***844*** was the total number of vetoes Gov. Willard made. ***707*** was the number of his vetoes overturned — firm evidence that Mittie consistently failed to ‘reach across the aisle’ even though he continues to state otherwise. Willard himself never encountered the school of hard knocks until he became governor — a great setup for the joke he aimed at the people of Mass: Mittens never liked a learning curve he never met … much like the women he never interviewed for a job at Bain …


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