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Palin: ‘A True American Archetype Of The Elusive Heroic Something-Or-Other.’ Her Fans Usually Nod Off Before They Reach That Last Part


Palin Author Joe McGinniss On Her Political Ambitions: ‘Wouldn’t Settle For Queen Of AK’ — Sep 14, 2010 — “Okay; that single comment of mine seems to have generated a response that could be getting out of hand. One standard Right-wing accusation is that all Democrats register their pets to vote and also re-up their dead relatives.
I guess I’m a patsy for living where that’s virtually impossible for anybody who never wants to lose that right forever.
The GOP won’t let slip how they maintain their meager numbers with folks they prefer to let us believe are as moronic as Palin, Steele, Angle and The Minnesota “twins”.” ***msgirlintn*** quipped at 05:04: “ranchero,
Oh I have heard about elections like that. I’m from Mississippi.
Fanned for telling me what the he// you were talking about.”

’49 to Angle’ Offers Rationale For Bailing On Ralston Debate: She Wants ‘An Informed Electorate’ — Sep 14, 2010 — “She’s most likely opening her mouth only in rooms with lots of exits these days.”

Palin Author Joe McGinniss On Her Political Ambitions: ‘Wouldn’t Settle For Queen Of AK’ — Sep 14, 2010 — “A true American archetype of the elusive heroic something-or-other.
Her fans usually nod off before they reach that last part.”

What Do Rasmussen And Pulse Opinion Research Have In Common? — Sep 14, 2010 — “Cool! Can I be all about ‘MoxFussen’ about ‘FoxMussen’?” (Have you been smoking the FoxMuffins again?)

Palin Proves Again She’s the Democrats Best Friend — Sep 15, 2010 — “But the GOP wants us to be distracted away from the fact that they have 1) nothing new 2) nothing good for the majority of Americans and 3) no desire to reverse any of the policy decisions that got them jammed between a rock and a hard place.
So wouldn’t it be better if we lured them into a false sense of security and continue batting at the shiny bouncy thing?”

Federici Ice Cream Ad Featuring Pregnant Nun Banned — Sep 15, 2010 — “If you think “pralines & placenta” that’ll never happen again.” ***johnqsittinzen*** coughed one up at 20:12: “I just laughed and gagged at the same time.”

GOP Sen. Tom Coburn Threatens To Hold Up Food Safety Bill — Sep 16, 2010 — “Is it possible? Two parallel stories about food safety; one from China, the other from the Republic of Oklahoma.
One seeks to destroy the spirit of competition and break the back of capitalism; the other is China.”

TX Textbook Massacre: State Board Swears Books ‘Tainted’ With ‘Pro-Islamic, Anti-Xtian Distortions’ — Sep 16, 2010 — “Does anybody else know a non-NewsCorp sourced site detailing non-citizens being registered to vote and bused to polling stations by ACORN? I’ve been looking since Partyof Maybe reminded me about it. He wouldn’t LIE about that, would he?
I guess there’s always a first time.”

Palin Heading To IA To Hold Down Reagan Dinner — Sep 17, 2010 — “Then it’s too bad for them that they see her as the heart and soul of the Party. Regardless of how incompetent she may be. There always a possibility that when the McGinniss book comes out; they will realize she’s overexposed and putting their entire agenda on display for the whole world to marvel at their hatefulness.
Nah, they really are just that clueless.” TX Textbook Massacre: State Board Swears Books ‘Tainted’ With ‘Pro-Islamic, Anti-Xtian Distortions’ — Sep 16, 2010  — “They are rumored to come by it honestly. For generations folks like this have feared what they don’t understand.
I can’t imagine why this wouldn’t make us more loved in the world. Hard to ignore that entertainment factor via schadenfreude.”

Gary Bauer Compares Voting In Nov. 2010 To Schooling 9/11 Hijackers — Sep 17, 2010 — “Okay, so why do you think the CLOSETED white Xtian upper-middle-class fear driven xenophobic voter demographic is unhappy with him? Seems like they’re “his people”…” ***Matthew Breslin*** 21:25: “I’m not smart enough to figure out self-loathing closet cases. Not my field of study.”

Won’t Forbes Defend Obama Story? — Sep 18, 2010 — “IMO; what level of competent political discourse would you expect from the lock-stepped rabble of a “movement” that took their sweet time looking up the word “appeasement” and trumpeted their ignorance on THAT subject for freakin’ WEEKS?”

Christine O’Donnell Schmoozes Social-Cons: Recog ‘Aging Reaganites And Homeschoolers’ Sep 17, 2010 — “Who’s that avatar? It couldn’t be our favorite li’l “SnoHo-cchio”?” ***LeftRight*** avers at 23:16: “Palinocchio!”


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The ‘Bush Radicalism Years’ Made Us Nostalgic For ‘Con-Opposition’ Instead of ‘Con-Artíste’


Rand Paul’s Campaign Accused Of Wrongly Claiming Endorsements Of KY Sheriffs — Sep 18, 2010 — “H3LP TH3M FIND 4N0TH3R W4Y 2 K33P HIM 0FF TH3 STR33T!”

MT-GOP Policy: Make Homosexuality Illegal — Sep 18, 2010 — “’Lefties’ don’t hate conservatives. What we really find difficult to abide is intolerance. Which is traditionally anything but conservative. Look it up.
Hate-speak and denial of same is only one of many reasons extreme Right-wingers are loathsome. Number two on that aforementioned list SHOULD BE their attempt to adopt words like “conservative” to apply to themselves; I’m planning on doing everything I can to make people understand there IS a huge difference.
The Bush Radicalism Years made us nostalgic for conservatism
as political opposition; not the scorched-earth policies of the neo-con ‘artistes’.”

Pence Wins ‘Value Voters’ Straw Poll 2010: House Rep Tops GOP Field For 2012 Ticket — Sep 18, 2010 — “’Pinheads’ with a distinct difference. Very few resemble anybody ‘Zippy’ any longer.”

MT-GOP Policy: Make Homosexuality Illegal — Sep 18, 2010 — “That pretty well covers the full gamut from ‘Party of No’ to ‘Party of Rhymes With Dope’.”

Missing ‘Cult’ Members Found Alive After Mass Suicide Fears — Sep 19, 2010 — “Ironic, isn’t it; that this occurred back in the days when foreign “incursion” in the name of God was still welcome in this country?
Proof positive that fundies are willing to absorb any amount of abuse and call it a blessing.”

Christine O’Donnell Cancels Sunday Talk Show Appearances — Sep 19, 2010 — “She’s already made clear her apprehensions concerning “live rounds”;)”

Joe Miller Says Unemployment Benefits Unconstitutional, Struggles To Say How He Would Deal With Poverty — Sep 19, 2010 — “Actually, they DO know and they don’t care. Alaskans stand with their hand out for the willingly given largesse of the American taxpayer, they get back $5.76 for every dollar going out and they want a Senator who can get MORE.
No matter what he’s saying now; he knows a sitting Senator from Alaska is expected to pay off and keep the coffers filled to overflowing.”

Christine O’Donnell Jokes About Her Witchcraft Past — Sep 19, 2010 — “The ‘mystery’ of O’Donnell, Good Ol’ Newter speaking out of school, everything since the emergence of Ma Griz has been leading to only one obvious conclusion: the GOP no longer wishes to be held to any previous standards now deemed too restrictive to their beloved ‘freedoms’.
Which leads to a thinly veiled demand for reclassification: time for a new ‘yardstick’. They’re not happy campers when we force comparisons to any other political Party. Which could suggest an alternate reality rather than merely your basic ‘game changer’. Let’s not rule that one out quite yet.
Until they decide where exactly it is they’re coming from; an existing Federal standard presents itself. Let’s take a cue from the Americans With Disabilities Act, which has been ‘differently acronym’s’ as ‘ADA’.
O’Donnell, Boehner, Palin, DeMint, Gomert, Paul, Bachmann, Pawlenty and many more are ‘differently abled’ paragons of the ‘Differently Abled’ Party Of Nope for The Twenty-First Century And Beyond.”

Obama To TParty: ‘Specifically, What Would You Do?’ — Sep 20, 2010 — “Why would they bother? I’m pretty sure it’s all a smokescreen meant to deflect criticism of their favorite neo-cons. Who no doubt wonder quietly among themselves why Iran doesn’t make life easier for the neo-cons themselves by firing the ‘Minister of Silly Warheads’.”

Heaven Help Us: Should You Pray for Christopher Hitchens Today? — Sep 20, 2010 — “Thank you, Sally Strange; for introducing a voice of reason into this Roman Wilderness of Pain the ‘faithful’ wishes upon the ‘unbelievers’.
Soul, indeed. Untouchable by American proselytizers that refuse to separate their religious beliefs from their misanthropic political dogma.”

Obama To TParty: ‘Specifically, What Would You Do?’ Sep 20, 2010 — “Good luck. They’ve all firewalled themselves against the facts.”

Two Contrasting Sets of Econ Values at Stake in Mid-Terms — Sep 20, 2010 — “Fantastic! Another bogus/Right-wing talking point that can’t be sold. Apparently; the robber barons are entitled to all the wealth they can get their hands on by any means possible because after all, IT WAS THEIRS TO BEGIN WITH.
It’s really quite special. You should lead off all of your posts with it from now until election day.” ***VikingQuest*** sailed Right past at 00:02: “’Another bogus/Right-wing talking point that can’t be sold’
It doesn’t have to be sold, it’s reality.
Ask Cuba.” (Doesn’t that old pigsticker polish up better if you first scrape off a layer of rust?)

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‘Haves’ Vs. ‘Pack Nots’: Capitalism A Well-Armed Camp; No Intimidation Factor Leading Up To The Polls THIS Year


Two Contrasting Sets of Econ Values at Stake in Mid-Terms — Sep 21, 2010 — “Always with the deflection; a poor character’s substitute for TAKING BACK ALL THE WEALTH.”

France Terror Alert Heightened After New Threats — Sep 21, 2010 — “I’ve been ‘enjoying’ your comments; unless some other insincere superlative feeds your overinflated ego better.
One thing is for sure; you are the single most abusive toad I have seen on many a thread in many a long while.
Go trash up Red State; as if that were possible.”

Rep. DeFazio Confronts Con Group Running Attack Ads Against Him — Sep 24, 2010 — “’Will there be creamed corn with the meatloaf tonight’?
I’m just havin’ fun with the justices. They’re all just ‘young-at-heart’ like kids in a taxpayer funded candy store.”

Chrysler Workers Caught Drinking Possibly Smoking Pot — Sep 24, 2010 — “Okay I forget. Who did you say owns Chrysler now?
When I was a kid; one of our neighbors owned a pukey green Fiat sedan.
NOBODY was impressed with this car except the owner-in-denial.
Looking back on it; I can’t help but think: Yeah. Those cars were built by people who REALLY know how to PARTAY!”

TX Sues Feds Over $830 Million In Education Aid — Sep 25, 2010 — “The solution is clear. Complete the necessary paperwork finalizing the secession from the ‘Union’ and reapply for the funds as ‘foreign aid’.
Easy-peasy.” ***logicalchoice*** opts in at 11:45: “I say we give Texas back to Mexico. That would funny.”

ABC News Goes Looking for What Works in America — Sep 25, 2010 — “’Moderation’ defined as avoidance of extremes; especially in one’s behavior or political views.
Nevertheless; I freely reply to a comment that got lost. Rachel Maddow very well may have an agenda; let’s say for the sake of argument that most WOULD find it extreme.
Turning it ALL off, including Rachel certainly is a viable option. Weighing content on all the media outlets that are fully engaged in disseminating disinformation is a life lesson unto itself; avoid it at your peril.
Anyone who tells me I need to eliminate all the sources I now use should be advised they need to provide reasonable alternatives, leaving out no detail concerning why I should trust these sources above all others and the same for any poster who claims knowledge unique in all the world.
If you are indeed an alien providing data instead of artifacts; “first contact” ain’t for Hollywood buffs anymore, get with the new paradigm.”

Rove Plans Comeback For 2010 — Sep 26, 2010 — “Why would he want to break his own Party? Does this fall under the “you always hurt the one you love” analogy or is this more accurately termed “sellers remorse”?”

Colbert Annoys Press Corps . . . Again — Sep 26, 2010 — “The question is; is it entirely their fault or is it the infotainment contracts they feel compelled to sign? Quality journalism needs time to develop and grow over a reasonable length of time, loyal “audiences” don’t happen overnight or as a direct result of performance clauses in a media-giant contract.
Satire-as-journalism or journalism disguised as satire really is the harbinger of a truly advanced society. Failing to recognize that is tantamount to failure in the eyes of many.” ***catrst*** noted at 11:44: “Some up and coming journalists are appearing on Rachel Maddow at her invitation when she is working off of their primary stories. It gives me hope to see the talent and journalistic professionalism of some of these young people. Thanks, Rachel.”

Durbin: Tax Cut Debate Will End With High-Drama Brinkmanship — Sep 26, 2010 — “Just out of curiosity; are you citing any ACTUAL Democrats, or are you utilizing the less-than-mysterious attitudes of the FANTASY Democrats Hannity, Beck, et al have been pulling out of their manure chutes?
It might be best if you stepped away from the RWing echo chamber for long enough spells to find out.”

Grayson Opponent Challenged On Opposition To Abortion Rights For Rape Victims — Sep 26, 2010 — “’Strong wind at their back’? Just because we’re staying upwind of them doesn’t mean we’re lagging behind.
It’s all about the policy; all of theirs are proven failures and now we’re listening to more of their anti-American pseudo-patriotism again.” ***lindaj3884*** joined in at 19:31: “They are promoting a theocracy. I put them in the same bag as the leaders in Iran. The religious radicals dictating to everyone else. So sad.”

Report: Weak Laws Turn Some States Into Shopping Malls for Gun Traffickers — Sep 27, 2010 at 19:17:27 — “Hey, look we get it! Protecting profits is more important than protecting lives. The upcoming election is about the “haves” versus the “pack nots”. Capitalism is a well-armed camp; no intimidation factor going on at the polls THIS year.”

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I Could’ve SWORE The Article Said Christine O’Donnell Had Been Educated ‘BY An Oxford’ — Getting Nailed In The Head By A Heavy Shoe Would Explain A Lot


Report: Weak Laws Turn Some States Into Shopping Malls for Gun Traffickers — Sep 27, 2010 — “When I was about 9 I had a bunch of Hot Wheels and a battery-powered car “shooter” that must’ve got the walls and furniture all marked up because Mom decided I was “too old” for them and made me give them away to some other kid.
I’d be glad to hear when all gun owners past their prime designate family or whomever to decide when it’s time to file down the firing pins on their ”toys” or parcel them out to those who can see to shoot or hear the report when they get mixed up with the remote.
We’ll all feel safer at that future time. No, really. I promise.”

Gillespie: Con Donors Want Anonymity Out Of Fear Of Gov’t Retribution — Sep 27, 2010 — “If corporations no longer want to be the “super citizens” the SCOTUS deems them to be; they can parcel out their “heavy burden” any old time they wish.
All we ask is the accountability that the GOP now mysteriously eschews.”

Report: Weak Laws Turn Some States Into Shopping Malls for Gun Traffickers — Sep 27, 2010 — “Yes! To answer your unasked question; “I HAVE Done Shipping And Receiving In The Past”. Sometimes there IS an order “off the books”.
What’s going on? A contractor directs a customer to write a check to a SUPPLIER in order to keep part of the contractor’s income “off the books”. Works much the same way between governments. Even the shipper is in the dark.
It’s an amazing level of byzantine operation. It’s staring you in the face. Re-read your last paragraph. Why are you in denial? “Oh, no! Somebody thought of it; they couldn’t POSSIBLY be DOING IT!”

Christine O’Donnell Says She Studied At Oxford — Evidence Suggests Otherwise — Sep 28, 2010 — “Sorry folks. I plan to check back later after I’ve READ the article.
I could’ve SWORE it said she was “educated BY an Oxford”.
Getting nailed in the head by a heavy shoe would explain so much…”

Religious Literacy: Americans Don’t Know Much About Religion — Sep 29, 2010 — “You were thinking of the original Boston Tea Party, weren’t you?
How much longer before Glenn Beck’s ramblings make Thomas Paine come shooting up out of his grave?”

Glenn Beck vs. Fox ‘News’: ‘Tension’ Between Beck & Network — Sep 29, 2010 — “Beck belongs to a church that weeds the ‘gay’ out of their missionaries by staging ‘pimples’ after ‘lights out’.
No doubt their ‘rehab’ utilizes similar simplistic and ineffective practices.
Not a church that worries too much about being outsmarted.”

WH Praises Olbermann & Maddow: ‘Invaluable’ — Sep 29, 2010 — “Fox–‘Pravda’. Is that closer to the meaning you were going for? Unless Colbert knows Russian; he might prefer ‘pravda-ness.

Keeping it “spare and nuanced” for several minutes now.”C F A W A, Shadowy GOP Group With Roots In VA, OH, And KY, Targets SC Dem — Sep 29, 2010 — “Liz Cheney’s been allowing rampant speculation concerning her inherited “undisclosed vocation’.”

WH Praises Olbermann & Maddow: ‘Invaluable’ — Sep 29, 2010 — “Did you copy all o’them high-falutin’ phrases for your first BeckU homework assignment?
Them were like–real sentences you were usin’ there?”

C F A W A, Shadowy GOP Group With Roots In VA, OH, And KY, Targets SC Dem — Sep 29, 2010 — “Usually it is my policy to leave alone those who enter unarmed this most auspicious field of battle.
For you I will gladly make an exception. Been flagged lately? Don’t worry. I will happily appeal to my fellow posters to abstain on your behalf.
I have a feeling we ALL really, REALLY are interested in you airing your views freely. Or at least plead for singing a newer tune.”

WH Praises Olbermann & Maddow: ‘Invaluable’ — Sep 29, 2010 — “What’s not to love about ‘Goldline Glenn’? It’s gotta put a smile on your face when you realize it wasn’t about paying off student loans; it was always about ripping off the ones you love to pretend to love more than their greed for (grossly overpriced) gold.
Yoohoo! BeckU!”

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Fox ‘News’ Dreaming Of ‘Sheep Returning To The Fold’ Or The Usual; Nightmares Of Guarding Against Sheepless Nights?


WH Praises Olbermann & Maddow: ‘Invaluable’ — Sep 29, 2010 — “’Viking Quest’ sounds like a bar for ‘special people’ in Alaska.
Do they polish a lot of swords in Wasilla?”

Andrew Sullivan: Bill O’Reilly Is A Dishonest Propagandist — Oct 1, 2010 — “If they wanted it bad enough; they would achieve it instead of insisting the problem lies with mis-perception by all the “haters” on the Left.
They want every issue and everybody polarized but can’t handle it when it actually gets beyond their control.
How can I be “Loony” and “Powerless” while getting blamed for all the problems in the whole wide world. They amaze even myself.”

5 Ways the Dems Can Pull Off the Mother of All Upsets Oct 1, 2010 — “FYI: if you want us to believe that’s what passes for constructive criticism ’round here, please understand we might start believing you’ve been rodeo clowning without a helmet again.”

Andrew Sullivan: Bill O’Reilly Is A Dishonest Propagandist — Oct 1, 2010 — “If O’Reilly was a simple newsreader we wouldn’t have ever heard of The Big Giant Head or of an alternate definition of ‘falafel’ or made-up history like HIS version of the massacre at Malmedy. He volunteered for ‘newsmaker’ status by eliminating as much FACT from the datastream as he could manage.
Folks like him can’t handle the truth so he figures he is performing a valuable public service by raising the status of the “low-info” above their normal and natural level.
He doesn’t realize it really WAS a public service because we’ll never knowingly turn our backs on one ever again.”

Disguising Themselves as Indians Was an Act of Cowardice — Oct 1, 2010 — “Brave partisan, don’t you know that genuine historical facts are frowned upon by the Right?
They’ll have your guts for garters.”

Andrew Sullivan: Bill O’Reilly Is A Dishonest Propagandist — Oct 1, 2010 — “You know; I’m not sure anymore. I can’t keep a whole lot of baggage around and try to re-furnish my head as close to the zen style as possible.” ***AngryBuddist*** slays the dragon at 21:08: “Are you saying I’m bald? :)”

Rick Sanchez: Jon Stewart A ‘Bigot,’ Jews Run CNN & All Media — Oct 1, 2010 — “Another uninformed opinion from another non-viewer and very likely ‘Retraction-Free Zone’ acolyte.
Trying out the ‘couldn’t-get-anyone-to-believe-the “MSNBC doesn’t hire people of color” fabrication-stopgap-until-something-else-comes-along’ theme?”

Andrew Sullivan: Bill O’Reilly Is A Dishonest Propagandist — Oct 2, 2010 — “So…you’re saying that when B’Orally finally “comes out” they’ll be the perfect couple? Let me know where they register…”

Barbour Defends ‘News’ Corp’s Donations To RGA, Chamber Of Commerce — Oct 2, 2010 — “The Governor of Mississippi should tie up all the loose ends on all outstanding tasks before they take on any fresh “projects”.
How about ratifying the 13th Amendment? Seems a bit overdue.”

DeMint: Gays And Unmarried, Pregnant Women Should Not Teach Our KidsOct 2, 2010 at 21:44:24 — “Let’s apply a different yardstick more familiar to Sen DeMint.
All of his “gundamentalist” buddies rant on and on ad nauseam about “we don’t need any NEW gun control laws; enforce the ones we have”.
If Jim DeMint dared imply that laws threatening public safety in our schools were being broken; everyone who stands thus accused is entitled to due process, problem solved.
Since Jim Demint is a charter member of the “stigmatize everything we don’t understand” wing of the GOTP; I think it’s safe to assume his motivations have been fully declared. Scoring political points with the base is more important than consistent moral certitude.”

Rick Sanchez Firing Mocked By Olbermann, Maddow — Oct 2, 2010 — “Rupert brought the Botany Bay Colony with him? No wonder they’re fixated on indentured servitude and slavery over at ‘News’Corp; they’ve ‘perfected’ it.”

DeMint: Gays And Unmarried, Pregnant Women Should Not Teach Our Kids — Oct 2, 2010 — “At least with Alvin Greene in the Senate removal or censure would be doable if necessary. So far the people of South Carolina seem reluctant to believe DeMint is the wrong choice; short of someone photographing him with Lindsey Graham’s d*i@k in his mouth.”

Pete Dominick: Rick Sanchez Came With ‘Live Grenade In His Mouth’ — Oct 4, 2010 — “We witnessed his audition for ‘returning to the fold’ at Fox’News’. More sheep guarding sheep dreaming of sheepless nights.”

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Feelings Of Impotence While Claiming Lock On Omnipotent Deity Means Wavering Faith Due To Vague Yet Emphatic Goals Imagined Of Anthropomorphized Divinity Equals Waaah!


Kudlow: Obama Hugging Rahm Emanuel Will Embolden Our Enemies! — Oct 4, 2010 — “Kudlow needs to pay for a poll if he wants to find out how many people know his name. Pathetic AND cheap; no wonder Faux won’t hire him.”

Mormon Prophecy Behind Glenn Beck’s Message — Oct 5, 2010 — “If ‘Goldline’ is church-backed; I’d speculate that all may be forgiven.
One of my Mormon relatives tried to get the whole family on board with gold ‘futures’ once upon a time; how different could THIS be?”

Rick Sanchez APOLOGIZES To Jon Stewart: Wife — Oct 5, 2010 — “FYI: my somewhat meager research ability has yielded no connection between Murdoch and the Washington Post.
The Post has its problems; let’s hope that ain’t one of them.” ***blueskybigstar*** aired it out at 15:54: “Sorry. The Wall St. Journal.”

Where Is the Middle? — Oct 5, 2010 — “’Following the Constitution considered (to be indicative of) the far Right?’
What; you get to pretend the ACLU is doing something bad again? It takes a lot of willful ignorance just to get through the day anymore apparently.”

Ben Quayle And His Wife Will Speak Methodically At TV Cameras, For Freedom — Oct 5, 2010 — “I fanned you too. Quite relieved when I realized “veriteabagger” wasn’t joined by “t’other mucker”.”

Internal Emails Suggest Palin to Run for Pres — Oct 6, 2010 — “Thanks–never heard about the Persian connection before. Kinda makes you think–since Todd & Sarah throw canned goods when they’re mad–what’ll happen if they mix up their antique Iranian zyklon-B with the peaches?!” (Wait — the Clampetts are REAL?)

Obama’s Critics Are Dead Wrong — Oct 6, 2010 — “So you claim a sort of “missing link” in the political discourse concerning the search for “policy evolution” in the Twenty-First Century?
How is it I mistook it for something coming from the “center” staked out by the neo-cons? Not that I’m suggesting pretense in place of concern; those sound like the words of the short term priorities crowd who can’t wait for the whole thing to kick in before slagging something the Right had no wish to address in the first place.”

Boehner’s America — Oct 7, 2010 — “Adherence to some philosophy upholding “family tradition” above all else? Reminds me of those who claim faith in their religion above their own American citizenship. No one in their right mind wants theocracy; yet some fear the more benevolent “unknown” over some rigid puritan dictatorship. Go figure.” ***blinkthink*** signaled at 22:07: “Right wing family traditions just like Ensign’s family tradition.”

’49 to Angle’: Muslim Law Taking Hold In Parts Of U.S. — Oct 8, 2010 — “Feelings of impotence while claiming a lock on an omnipotent deity means wavering faith over exclusivity and evolving motivations by the same hallucinatory desert superstitions equals big waaaah.”

BoA Stops Foreclosures In All 50 States — Oct 8, 2010 — “That’s IT! Tea party with every Eddie Haskell in the country.
But didn’t Mrs. Cleaver figure out the glib machinations before she embarrassed herself on national TV?”

’49 to Angle’: Muslim Law Taking Hold In Parts Of U.S. — Oct 8, 2010 — “GOTP=’Rancor Babies’.” ***BlackJeremiah*** shadowed well at 16:18: “OK, I’m not ashamed to admit that made me laugh out loud.”

Beck: My Medical Problems Might Be Due To ‘Spiritual Wounds’ — Oct 8, 2010 — “One of the main points of ALL counseling is the premise that you can impart no sincere expression of love to anyone else without loving yourself completely and unconditionally.
Fox’News’ would never have hired him if he ever showed anything REAL to the world. Some kinda “special” rehab you got over at that church; BTW.”

Neil Goldberg, ESPN Producer, Arrested On Disgusting Charges — Oct 8, 2010 — “Gotta give Christine O’Donnell something brand *new* to condemn loudly in a public venue.
As if she ever needed a reason.”

RWing Militias and the NRA: 2nd Amendment Soulmates — Oct 8, 2010 — “You do realize the Declaration of Independence was aimed at Britain and all those who remained loyal to the crown in the thirteen colonies and elsewhere? But go ahead and pretend it means whatever you want it too; all those who claim patriotism while declaring willingness to violence against Americans on American soil would do nothing less and be doomed to accomplish little else.”

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The Number One Lesson POTUS Learned From Turdblossom’s Trepidation Tienda Is ‘Make The Enemy Of Your Enemy Your Newest, Bestest Friend’


Beck: My Medical Problems Might Be Due To ‘Spiritual Wounds’ — Oct 8, 2010 — “I think he secretly wants to deliver ‘messages’ like Ewan McGregor in “The Pillow Book”.
But that would take too long making the rounds of all his eagerly awaiting GOTP brethren.”

RWing Militias and the NRA: 2nd Amendment Soulmates — Oct 9, 2010 — “If I had money to tap into the righteous indignation meme you swear to uphold I truly would be dangerous. Get all your friends together; scrape together what’s left of all those re-up bonuses and overthrow whomever or whatever annoys you the most.
Get some pointers from a grassroots movement near you.”

Beck: My Medical Problems Might Be Due To ‘Spiritual Wounds’ — Oct 8, 2010 — “Pretty sad when you realize he’s trying to provide proof to those who have no defense for using the term “Latter Day Saints”.
Why haven’t they documented Mormon ‘stigmata’ before now? Did they forget they were an ‘end times’ religion for a hundred and seventy years or so?”

RWing Militias and the NRA: 2nd Amendment Soulmates — Oct 9, 2010 — “You seem to be confusing me with Ross Perot; the source of that quote. If anybody believed it at the time; why did Clinton get 8 years?
Not surprising to me that a Party that campaigns AGAINST the evils of stimulus while all the time bringing stimulus money in the back door while pleasuring their base about it the whole time unabashedly. This is the shameless Right all over.
The Party of No/Maybe wants it both ways and could very easily redefine losing as “winning” what with a base as ideologically challenged as we’ve been enjoying the sight and sound of.
Keep the faith and keep up the good work.
No really. I mean that from the bottom of my heart.”

Glenn Beck: My Medical Problems Might Be Due To ‘Spiritual Wounds’ — Oct 9, 2010 — “It’s not their fault they’ve “gone ’round the bend”. This phenomenon can be traced directly to a liberal conspiracy to drive up the price of foil hatliners.” ***Wombaticus*** ‘projecteth’ at 10:59: “LOL”

RWing Militias and the NRA: 2nd Amendment Soulmates — Oct 9, 2010 — “It always comes back to some twisted fantasy about “unprepared liberals” with you cowboys.
Anyone who forces their way into MY house leaves feet first, exsanguinated and cooling quickly. Why do you imagine guns are the only answer?
I blame it on Hollywood.”

Calderon Declares Tijuana ‘Success’ Amid Drug War — Oct 10, 2010 — “If Calderon was resolute about joining the rest of the world in the Twenty-First century; he would swallow his pride and ask for the loan of some drones to use against the biggest threat to public safety; all the the drug cartel activity.
All the ‘gundamentalists’ in the U.S. would hate that because they are all about keeping the gun manufacturers happy. Drone attacks make conventional weapons seem all but obsolete and make potential gun buyers think twice about outdated weaponry.
Why waste good money on outmoded hardware that will soon be an anachronism at best and collector’s items by the ‘nostalgically challenged’ at most.”

RWing Militias and the NRA: 2nd Amendment Soulmates — Oct 10, 2010 — “You’re right! Weekly World News, revolvers & ’roundy rounders’. What could be a more natural fit for those waiting for a car crash by resembling a car crash.”

Rove Accuses Obama Of Having An ‘Enemies List’ — Oct 10, 2010 — “More like a “how do we make them our friends list”.
If there’s one absolute truth about the Right–especially the part Rove represents–they attack their own and leave them for dead.
The number one idea BHO learned from the Rove School of Thawt is to make the enemy of your enemy your newest, bestest friend.”

Giuliani Campaigns For Fiorina in So Cal — Oct 11, 2010 — “Just what we all need–an epidemic of “viral spending-itis”. This economy has already been brought low by those who “boost” whatever takes their fancy.”

O’Donnell, Paul Spar On ‘The Last Word’ (VIDEO) — Oct 12, 2010 — “Behold the amazing kindness the Right shows the ‘left’. How to help a sad old liberal get a ratings boost. Or does the greater significance lie with a thread going viral on HuffPo the next day?
An audience the GOTP can’t tap into is an audience they can never influence. Coffee, naptime or death spiral?”

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